Lindsay Lohan Dodges Jail AGAIN

Lindsay Lohan Dodges Jail AGAIN

Lindsay Lohan will not be doing any jail time as a result of her recent dirty urine test. She was said to be drinking alcohol on June 12th or 13th, which happens to coincide with the day that she threw her rooftop barbecue party.

Lindsay was ordered to appear in court today, in front of Judge Stephanie Sautner and we’ve just learned that she won’t be doing any jail time. It was thought that by testing positive for alcohol during her house arrest that she was in violation of her probation. But apparently that’s not the way the world works if your name is Lindsay Lohan.

The judge ruled that the prior judge in the case didn’t require alcohol testing and now that she’s back on house arrest, she won’t be allowed to have more than one friend at her pad at a time. The judge also said that Lindsay is no longer allowed to throw parties at the house and that she was guilty of “extremely poor judgment.”

Lindsay won’t be undergoing any further testing for drugs or alcohol, because there is no court order to support it.

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