Lindsay Lohan: Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

Lindsay Lohan: Don't Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

Lindsay Lohan graces the cover of  the Fashion & Film Issue of Lovecat Magazine.  This is the second issue for the magazine and it was shot by Richard Phillips.  It seems Lindsay has gotten it in her head that we hate her because she is beautiful.  Oh, No she is not beautiful and we do not hate her for that reason.  She could not be more wrong if tried.    Why exactly does she think she is beautiful?  Her over bleached hair, daffy duck lips and fake boobies LOL  She is totally delusional!

Menwhile Lindsay Lohan was named as the new face of the German designer Philipp Plein’s latest collection on Saturday and admitted she hadn’t met him until the day before or even seen the clothing until the day she was unveiled.  She finally has a real paying job!

Admitting she and the designer had “just met Friday” when speaking about the collection in Italy, she added: “Something important to know about this collection is that it’s expressing something a little bit more edgy. And I think maybe people’s perceptions of me have been kind of taken out of context just from what you see and read.”

Meanwhile, Philipp hailed the “authentic and beautiful” actress at Milan fashion week which she attended wearing a selection of his designs. He told a press conference: “For me she’s authentic, she’s talented, she’s beautiful.”

4 responses to “Lindsay Lohan: Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful”

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  2. Anonymous says:

    BARF!  You’re right, we don’t hate her because she *thinks* she’s beautiful….we hate her because she’s an untalented, overexposed, self-centered, self-entitled twit.

  3. Isma says:

    Bullshit. Her boobies aren’t fake, stupid.

  4. Kiss_19722000 says:

    We hate her because she is not in jail… yet. ;-)