Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Dina Lohan To Star On Radio

Lindsay Lohan's Mom Dina Lohan To Star On Radio

Lindsay’s mother Dina Lohan will be hosting her own radio show with Chaunce Hayden that gets right to the heart of Hollywood.
While daughter Lindsay is struggling to stay sober and out of jail, Dina took care of business and will be hosting ‘Steppin On the Tabloids With Dina and Chaunce.’    The show will cover gossip, celebs and edgy talk. 
Dina and Chaunce are taping their first test episode on Monday in New York City and claim to get on very well.
“Dina and I have remarkable chemistry,” Chaunce said.  “She’s a riot and gets my warped sense of humor!  She’s also not bad to look at…eat your heart out Howard Stern.”
The pair have decided to host a no-holds-barred show and no topic is off limits – not even Dina’s daughter.  Chaunce said: “A far as Lindsay goes, I’m not banned from talking about what’s in the news…but you’ll have to listen to what Dina says!”
 Is this a surprise – the Lohan parents are complete pimps and have never scrupled to use Lindsay to better their own lot.

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