Michael Lohan Back In Lindsay’s Bad Books – Helped There By Meddling Mom Dina

Lindsay Lohan is no longer talking to her father Michael.  This info was gleefully announced by Lindsay's Mom Dina Lohan:  "She is not talking to her dad now," she said.

Lindsay Lohan is no longer talking to her father Michael.  This info was gleefully announced by Lindsay’s Mom Dina Lohan:  “She is not talking to her dad now,” she said.
Lindsay and Michael have had an up and down relationship over the years, with Michael blaming the break-up of his marriage to Dina for his daughter’s problems and Lindsay slamming her father for his habit of talking publicly about her.  And it seems Michael’s decision to appear on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, to get treatment for his “anger issues” has only helped to damage even further his already delicate relationship with Lindsay.

Lindsay recently refused an invitation from her father to visit him (in front of Celebrity Rehab cameras) for ‘family day’ at his treatment center in Pasadena.  According to a source close to the situation: “Michael Lohan wanted Lindsay, Ali, and the rest of the family to come for ‘family day.’  Michael even wanted Dina to come.”

But that’s not what Dina, the ex-Mrs. Michael Lohan, confirmed!  “I was never even asked to go to ‘family day,'” Dina said. “I have a  criminal stay away order in place.  He can not come within 100 yards of me.  I would never go to see him on ‘family day’, or on camera, ever.  “We have been apart for 15 years, and there are things that need to be worked out privately.”

According to the source, Michael was very upset by his family’s refusal to be there for him and he shared his emotional experience during the VH1 reality show taping.  “I don’t disapprove of him getting help, but he has to be 100% honest or he can’t get better,” Dina explained. “My children would never go in public and sit with him.”
Of course not – they know that Dad is publicity hungry and distrust his motives in inviting them to be with him ON camera.  Michael might have a clause in his Celeb Rehab contract that pays him much more if he gets Lindsay or other Lohan’s on camera while he is on the show.  Dr. Drew knows that business is business.

Image credit to Kat Goduco/WENN.com

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