Michael Lohan Writes Open Letter To Billy Ray Cyrus

Michael Lohan Writes Open Letter To Billy Ray Cyrus

I really cannot believe Michael Lohan does the things he does.  We call other people media whores but Michael Lohan wins the award of the year.  He will do anything to see his name in the press.  Billy Ray Cyrus pulled a Michael Lohan this week and aired his dirty laundry to GQ saying how he felt The Hannah Montana show destroyed his family.  Which is a total crock?  If Billy Ray’s family was destroyed it was because Billy Ray let the $$$$ influence him and forgot he was a parent.  Anyway Michael Lohan decided to put his two cents worth into the situation and wrote an open letter to Billy Ray.  I am sure Billy Ray is going to stand up and take notice since Michael is such a great father – NOT!

Michael Lohan is delusional the difference between Miley and Lindsay is huge.  Miley has not been picked up on a DUI, has not been to jail or rehab.  My advice to Billy Ray would be to stay as far as possible from Michael Lohan and keep his mouth shut to the press in the future!

Radaronline has the scoop:

Billy Ray,

Oh My God! Am I seeing and reliving almost the same exact situations, scrutiny, pain and willingness to sacrifice yourself, for the sake of your family?  As hard and frustrating as it is, believe me when I say, it’s a road worth traveled. Even if it may have its’ bumps and grinds along the way.  As I was raised, there is nothing like the love a man has for his family nor is there any length he will go to save or protect them.

The hardest part is, experiencing the pain that comes from the resistance of the very one(s) you are trying to save.  The one(s) you love so much, and are willing to die for, are too blinded by the “bright light” and people who use our loved one(s) while everyone thinks you are supposed to sit back and pretend it goes unseen.  As I don’t see you as any one of the three monkeys with their hands over their ears, eyes and mouth. I, nor you, are the type of men who will sit back and do or say nothing at the risk of being persecuted.

When I look at what you are going through, I am forced to see myself. Two men who know what divorce and alienation, have done to our families. Why I ask, if it so hard for our wives, children and even the public, to see that all we are trying to do, is to be there for our family and try to make things right?

Isn’t it clear that the answer is so easy but the people who don’t matter, make it so hard? While all we want is our family and normal lives back, others forsake that for so much more.  Why is it that people don’t put themselves in or shoes? And say to themselves, “How would I feel if that was happening to me?”  The sad part is, they don’t and they probably never will. But that doesn’t mean that men like you and I should ever give up.

While we can’t change the world, our example just might touch a few, and maybe even the one(s) we seek to save.  To that end, I want to say, that I know what you are going through, I feel your pain and frustration, and I also admire your strength, dedication and love, for your family in the name of God.

Best and God Bless,

Michael Lohan

Image source Michael Wright/WENN.com

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