Mila Kunis Comfortable With Naked Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis Comfortable With Naked Justin Timberlake

Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake starred together in their movie, Friends With Benefits, and while the movie was cute, she’s still going on about it in interviews. Does it really need that much promotion?!?

They’ve gotten a lot of buzz for the movie from their personal lives, as well. They’ve been rumored to be dating, even though we’re pretty sure that he’s still with Jessica Biel. Still, the Ukranian actress says that she was comfortable with her co-star during their nude scenes in the flick.

She said, “I didn’t have any problems with Justin taking his clothes off. But I’m incredibly insecure about my figure in my private life, let alone in front of 50 crew members. There was a lot of insecurity. There were awkward moments, but the great thing was that Justin and I were friends, so at least I was with someone I knew who was also uncomfortable.”

We’re sure the guys in the room didn’t mind her shedding off her clothes. She looks great and really has no reason at all to be insecure. Have you seen the movie, yet? It’s a cute formulaic rom-com, but it’s perfect for a night in with your “friend”.

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