Miley Cyrus Tweets Braless Photo

Miley Cyrus Tweets Braless Photo

I’m not sure why Disney star Miley Cyrus is embracing this persona of countrified hillbilly with no class or manners, but she’s really taking it up a notch. And the perverts who are hoping to see Miley in the buff are inching one step closer all of the time.

Miley took to her Gypsy Heart Twitter account to show off the above photo, saying, “I am who I am! #braless”.

Umm…okay, Miley, whatever you say.

I guess that’s one good way to get her pervy followers to go see her in concert. She’s obviously still on the path to showing everyone and their uncle that she’s no longer a *child*.

Why don’t she just pose for Playboy already and get it over with? It’s not like people haven’t kind of already seen her lady bits. We get it, you’re not a kid anymore. Please keep your girl parts covered while your shows are still attended by ten-year-olds. K? Thanks.

  • Cassidy

    u do know that she didnt tweet that photo with the tweet right?

  • NOYB

    big deal, she has worse, this is tame for her

  • Lex

    really not that big of a deal

  • ? verified smiler =)

    many celebrities go around braless.miley isnt the only celeb and to manipulate words that miley didnt say just to get your point across is silly and it makes u a bad reporter.stop tryng to put her down when she didnt do anything wrong..

  • killerhot

    i love how they say “why doesn’t she just pose for playboy already?” when she has! hahahaa

  • killerhot

    i love how they say “why doesn’t she just pose for playboy already?” when she has! hahahaa

  • control

    but she’s that young for that, ms. verified smiler.
    and miley has a reputation to take care. and lot’s of young girls patronize her and look at her as a role model. so a little bit consideration.

  • Bdesbrough

    reputation? kelly Osbourne  is cleaner then she is now,  but shes still very talented and beautiful.

  • Hyatt Patti

    go home Miley !  You are a child acting grown and a stupid looking fool – Daddy’s name and Daddy’s money when Daddy only had one achy breaky heart – go home!  Parents are not letting their children watch you anymore – you act ridiculous and make yourself look sleezy – take her home Billy Ray and raise that child right – she is not an actress and she can’t even sing with her manly voice – Miley is doomed to fail – if she hasn’t already – pathetic

  • the old woman

    if you all are having a problam with this pic you all need to learn a thing or two. Miley is a sweet young lady sowin her oats trying to grow up in your world think about that this pic is sweet you all dont see sweet anymore eveything is BAD the look is bad the smell is bad the body is bad wow show me som sweet can you find it out there or have you victomised that for eveyone????

  • Happyongoing

    Who cares if she goes bra-less. Some women hate to wear bras, they are uncomfortable and sometimes feel like cant move as well as without them. That’s probably how she feels about them. 

  • disqus_dYtY8MabyG

    All these people need to [expletive] off. It is her life, so why cant she walk around braless if she wants too? Everybody always talks about a a certain celebrity is being “naughty” and how they shouldnt do things like this, but if a non celebrity person did something like this, nobody would think twice about it. Can you imagine all of the pressure these celebrities are under? Always needing to be perfect?