Miley Cyrus Tweets Topless Tattoo Photo

Miley Cyrus Tweets Topless Tattoo Photo

Disney princess Miley Cyrus has just added more ink to her collection of body art!

Miley is currently on her Gypsy Heart Tour in Brazil, but she made a stop to a tattoo shop and got some art inked onto her back. For this, she removed her top. For someone who has complained about privacy, it sure is strange that she posted this on Twitter, isn’t it?

She whined on Twitter about the paparazzi in Rio, but she contradicts herself completely!

She tweeted, “1. loving Rio 2.HATING the paps. 3. So not fair grown ass men can hide in the bushes and take pics of us girls in our bikinis!”


What do you think? Does Miley say one thing, but do another? Or are you of the mind that it’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it?

Let us know what you think in the comments!

24 responses to “Miley Cyrus Tweets Topless Tattoo Photo”

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  2. Gabi_28 says:

     IDIOTS her tatto in brazil was in her arm! this one was before she got in brazil. thats why when she was in Rio you could already see her tattoo. and her tattoo was made in sao paulo and she went to rio before! check your sources before!

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  5. Techjamani says:

    she’s starting to look like a hoe

  6. Fedup says:

    Miley, u used to rock. now ur kinda suck. You’ve gone 2 far sweetheart, being an adult isnt being a_whatever-u’ve-become. Heck!

  7. Fedup says:

    You used to Rock, now you Suck. 

  8. Shana says:

    I never really liked Miley at all. She cant sing and she cant act (kinda like Vanessa Anne Hudgens) she is just kinda there now. I dont know why she is always complaining about her privacy but then is always posting pictures (that should be kept to herself) on twitter. If she really wanted her personal life to be private she wouldnt have made another twitter. She is a stupid ass little girl.

  9. Maan_winter says:

    she’s nothing but confuse of her self. i guess.

  10. Michelle says:

    Honestly people need to realize that this girl is not a little girl anymore. Everyone knew she was going to grow up. And I find amazing what people say about her because I’m pretty sure at 18,19,20 moat of us were running for the door to get our own lifestyle, partying, tattoos, being stupid. So what if that’s what she wants to do. Yes, she was a idol for kids but seriously people? Grow the fuck up. This girl has grown into a beautiful young lady and people should be proud of what she has accomplished. She has everything half you people wish you has so your jealous, she deserves it. So go back to your kids and your 8 to 5 job and live your shitty lives. Ugh people like all of you make this world a pathetic place. Get over yourselves

  11. Yomama says:

    hells yeah i want to see her do me in a porn

  12. Windigo_werewolf says:

    The difference is she has control over what does on Twitter, but not what the paparazzi do. Everyone – even Miley deserves that control.

  13. Anonymous says:

    she is juss a twitter twaat. this holloweenie i’m going out as a autographed HANNA MONTANA BONB!

  14. Anonymous says:

    MY FELO KOMENTORS WILL NOT SEE MY ORIGINAL KOMENT. SO THEREFORE; i will KISS,KISS,  the sensor babe, and rephase the yak,yak, and say miley babe. your firss try at the playboy shot needs to be resurfaced and replayed. it sucked then it will suck now. twitter twatt.

  15. Dari says:

    SHE NEVER POSTED THIS PHOTO ON HER TWITTER!! Lmaoo… This photo was clearly taken with a camera phone as you can see the reflection of the phone in the mirror. Then it was LEAKED on to the internet. Miley NEVER EVER EVER posted this photo on her twitter. 

  16. Dari says:

    I Love Miley… and I just think that it sucks that people take so much time to try and paint her in a negative light. She never posted this photo on her twitter, but most people will never take the time to check their sources. This photo was taken by an unknown person and leaked onto the internet. It’s so sad that not only would someone violate her privacy like that, but people would then twist the story. This was of her getting her dream catcher tattoo. And this photo was never meant by her to see the light of day.

  17. ClarissaJGarza says:

    so she got a tattoo and had to take her shirt off? how is that slutty? I suppose everyone who wears swinsuits are sluts also. stupid people i swear

  18. Anonymous says:

    No nips? Then it isn’t a topless photo. 

  19. Ghetto_boi_23 says:

    It’s her body she can do what she wants with is. You can’t judge someone by what they look like or even what they do with out even knowing them. You cant say stuff about someones life or make nasty comments because you “Think that” you no them. She’s a celb. & a celbs. Daughter do you really think she cares about what you have to say in everyway she will still More money,fame,& eveything you ever wanted without even having to work for. It’s just the way things work!! #GODBLESSAMERICA

    Ps/ if you ever read this miley i just want to let you no ive been a fan since hannah & always will be!

  20. dev says:

    Not promoting what she’s doing but one thing should be noted about her. She’s really not doing anything that any other 18 or 19 old does.  Not saying that every single one gets tattoos, or takes topless photos, or behaves hypocritically, but keep in mind she’s not a complete adult yet. She’s still in her teens and will make mistakes and will learn from them. People should remember that when they’re always talking about her in such a terrible way.

  21. Happyongoing says:

    There is a difference between posting a personal picture willfully and having someone forcing your pictures all over the internet. That tattoo picture, she is getting a tattoo and normally you have to remove your shirt but she had her towel draped in front of her to cover. There is nothing wrong with this photo. If a normal everyday person who is not a celeb posted a picture like that, would you have the same reaction… no you probably would not. 

  22. Michelle says:

    Why do people think that ALL disney stars should act perfect. They grow up like everyone else. I mean, we couldn’t have expected that Miley would be the same 16 year old girl she was in Hannah Montana. Stop making such a big deal out of this.