More Demi Lovato Half Nude Photos Leaked

More Demi Lovato Half Nude Photos Leaked

Now that Demi Lovato has completed her treatment at the unknown rehab facility she was staying at to battle her demons, more photos of the Disney starlet have hit the internet. And just like before, they’re still a tad racy.

Demi is happy to be home from the facility, hanging out with friends and family, but will continue seeing doctors as part of an outpatient treatment program.

We’re happy that she’s out and has her life back under her own control. I still think that her excuse for going into rehab was a bunch of BS, but that’s just my humble opinion. Still, she’s said to be going on tour this year, so it looks like she’s on the fast track to complete recovery…from whatever it was (coke) that was damaging her health.

What do you think?

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