More Topless Photos of Pippa Middleton to Surface?

More Topless Photos of Pippa Middleton to Surface?

First came the pictures of Pippa Middleton, and newly crowned Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton vacationing together in Ibiza back in 2006 wearing matching white bikinis – followed by a few of Pippa seen sitting topless adjusting her suit in her hands.

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, now topless photos of Pippa, now being dubbed “Her Royal Hotness”, are reportedly being shopped around – no doubt to the family’s horror.

Twenty-seven year old Pippa shot to ‘fame’ as maid of honor to her sister Kate, wearing a curve-hugging ivory Sarah Burton gown.  Before the newlyweds could say ‘I do’, a Facebook page was created honoring Pippa’s toned behind.

And now, if things couldn’t get any worse, a ‘close family friend’ has apparently sold photos of Pippa dancing in a lavender laced bra, alongside a boxer-clad friend.  It’s no surprise that the family is doing everything they can to pull them off the market.

It’s a shame that being in the public eye forces you to confront your past when you were young.  But unfortunately, this is what the Middleton clan knew they were getting into.  In my opinion the best option is to ban together as a strong, united family and face it with dignity.  We can’t be blamed for our past, but we can always be remembered on how we handle adversity with grace and strength.  You’re hot Pippa, hold your chin up high girl and move on!

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