Meet The New Cast Of Survivor: South Pacific & Spoiler!

Meet The New Cast Of Survivor: South Pacific

It is that time again!  My favorite show Survivor will be premiering September 14th, 2011 with a whole new group of contestants.  Because the Redemption Island twist worked so well last season they are bringing it back with one major change, with the elimination of group duels, meaning each competition will truly be a win-or-go-home situation.  Sixteen new castaways will embark on the adventure of a lifetime as they are abandoned in the South Pacific. They will face unrelenting storms, scorching temperatures and unforgiving water.   They will be joined by two returning players who are seeking their own shot at redemption.

The cast of this seasons Survivor: South Pacific is: John Cochran (Harvard Law Student), Elyse Umemoto (former Miss Washington), Mikayla Wingle (Playboy cover girl), Albert Destrade (Baseball/Dating Coach), Dawn Meehan (English Professor), Keith Tollefson (Water Treatment Tech), Semhar Tadesse (Spoken Work Artist), Mark-Anthony Caruso (Retired NYPD Detective), Whitney Duncan (Country Singer), Jim Rice (medical marijuana dispensary owner ), Sophie Clarke (Medical Student), Edna Ma (Anesthesiologist), Rick Nelson (Rancher), Christine Shields (Teacher) Markoski, Stacey Powell (Mortician), Brandon Hantz (Russell Hantz son).

Two returning players will be coming back those names will be revealed later in the week.  We have heard rumors that the two returning cast members will be ‘Coach’ Benjamin Wade from Season 11 of Survivor Tocantins and Ozzy Lusth from Survivor Cook Island.  No confirmation yet.

A new twist this year to the show according to host Jeff Probst is: “This year with hidden immunity idols, we’re hiding the clue.  No clue as to where the clue is. Once you find the clue, then you have to find the idol.”

For video footage and interviews with the contestants go HERE!

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