Next For Twilight: The Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen Story?

Next For Twilight: The Jacob Black and Renesmee Cullen Story?

As every twi-hard is aware of Breaking Dawn part 1 & 2 is suppose to be the end of the Twilight series.  However, Stephanie Meyers the writer of the books has said she would not be opposed to writing the wearwolf Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) and Renesmee Cullen (MacKenzie Foy) story.  She feels the Edward and Bella story has ended but there is much more to write about Jacob and Renesmee.

In the book Jacob has imprinted on Renesmee.   Once a werewolf sees that certain person, they are completely devoted to them.  However, imprinting does not necessarily have to be on the basis of love. Though feelings of love may develop, a person who imprints becomes whatever the person they imprints on needs them to be.   A friend, a brother, a lover, or even a nanny.

When Taylor Lautner was asked about the story of Jacob and Renesmee he replied, ??? ????”Breaking news to me.  That would be interesting. Stephenie comes up with the craziest things. I’m sure she could go on. That’s a crazy thought!.”

What do you think?  Would you like to see the story of Jacob and Renesmee – will it be as hot as Edward and Bella?


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  1. anonomosity says:

    I recommend we not give predators more justification for “loving” children.

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  4. Adam says:

    Ugh…really? -.-;
    No matter how people try to cut it, it’s a story between an older man and a CHILD. Geez people…I had no idea pedophilia was in these days. >_>

    • Anonymous says:

      I see what u are saying but I am sure they will pick the story up with Renesmee is older. R

    • TwinsaneIncarnation says:

      Dude, if countless people like cardcaptor sakura, even with all the obvious lolita elements, I think people are going to sheepishly like this abomination!

  5. Rei says:

    Way to go, America. Let’s just tell sexual predators everywhere that as long as a child LOOKS sexually mature, it’s perfectly fine for someone over 18 to have intercourse with them. I will always be disgusted by this pairing. Always. Meyer is the most disgusting person in the world for writing trash like this. It’s obvious that they end up together, and Renesmee is being child groomed into accepting this fate. She’ll look like an adult when she’s seven. SEVEN. That doesn’t justify it! She may look like an adult, but she will have the mentality and experience of a child.

    The entire Twicrap series is trash and promotes horrible themes, and I don’t understand why people keep trying to draw this ridiculous fad out.

  6. Kevin says:

    Bloody hell… This just screams wrong on so many levels that they are all in languages known and unknown.

  7. Michitune says:

    Would you like to have a seat over there Mr. Black?

  8. anonymous says:

    “What do you think?  Would you like to see the story of Jacob and Renesmee – will it be as hot as Edward and Bella?”

    That depends. Do you like pedophilia???

  9. Silentkiller says:

    Imprinting was also explained as a way to insure that the shapeshifting gene passed on to the werewolf’s progeny. Jacob being the baby’s brother, nanny or wathever would be considered sick if he is waiting to bed her when she looks legal. And Meyer has the guts to pass it off as love.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hybrids, like mules, are generally infertile. So Jacob imprinting on Nessie doesn’t even make sense if the reason for imprinting is to pass on genes.

      And yeah; Pedobear would love to meet with Jacob and discuss techniques.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hybrids, like mules, are generally infertile. So Jacob imprinting on Nessie doesn’t even make sense if the reason for imprinting is to pass on genes.

      And yeah; Pedobear would love to meet with Jacob and discuss techniques.

  10. Anon says:

     I think after Breaking Dawn is released and people actually see with their own eyes the sick and twisted form of paedophila Smeyer has created, a lot of people will hopefully become as sick and disgusted with the series as much as the rest of the decent people who find paedophilia disgusting .
    There will be no book about Jacob and Renesmee. Smeyer is going to be spit on in the street, if she isn’t already. There will be a huge backlash. I saw a picture of Lautner and Foy together. Even they look uncomfortable sitting together.
    Stephanie Meyer, if you do write this book, you need help. I think there is something wrong with you already. Please get help and please do not write this book.
    As a sexually abused child, just the thought of this book makes vomit come to my mouth. PLEASE DO NOT WRITE THIS BOOK. PLEASE,.    

  11. the cutie says:

    okay,die-hard twilighter here and i speak for every twilighter when i say,no matter how you try to explain this shit,it’s still wrong,i hope she doesn’t write this book,keep on writing bella and edward’s story,not this pedophile shit,eww

  12. Hurdyhurhur says:

    Pedophilia, anyone? Child grooming? Way to go, Steph. An idea WORSE than Bella and Edward’s relationship. Amazing.

    Talented one, that author.

  13. shutupidiots! says:

    There’s nothing sexual about the way Renesmee appeals to Jacob. He just wants her to be happy, is that bad? Is it really that bad that he’s acting like an older brother? If you’ve read the books you would know how the imprinting-shit works!

    When that is said, I find it a lot more disgusting that Edward loves Bella. Seriously, how old is he? 105 fucking years, right? Hell, that actually a bit disgusting, because their relationship is more sexual. Stop hating on Meyer for writing good books. 

    • Pureasitraynes says:

      Not really. Their are plenty of vampire love stories with teenagers Bella’s age and with vampires who are the same physical age as them but have just lived longer. With Renesmee, she is a little girl, and even though Jacob would adapt to “whatever she needs” the fact still stand that imprinting is said to be what happens to find their SOULMATE. Even though Renesmee might not fall in love with jacob, the third stage in an imprinter (jacob) is that he WILL eventually fall in love with her and have romantic/sexual feelings toward her. 

      So even IF she grows and “matures” this child is still being childgroomed because she’ll feel pain NOT being around Jacob, she’ll feel as though she MUST be with him because it hurts her NOT to be. It’s all part of imprinting. So you all need to stop trying to defend it because you’re wrong. Smeyer cut herself in a corner by making it obvious that these two will end up together. Renesmee even refers to him as “her jacob” and she fiercely possessive over him.

      • Lulilly says:

        I agree. There is suspension of belief which allows people to buy into a story…but to ask us to forget a cobs history with Bella nd Edward and to have him help raise his future mate…and she is mature in 7years… Omg ma Meyers is out of control trying to make everything come out…to meet her emotional needs again. She shows this emotional neediness which all mothers feel at times, to be there for you kids forever is one thing but to translate that into the no choice love “me” forever because you have to…not because we are working on a relationship together is one of the more creepy aspects of Twilight. Not to mention the child who is raised by some who will marry them later, and the no choice for the guys always… Poor Edward and jAcob and all the other men in her stories. They have no choice in their attraction and the woman never has to do anything.. Just Kay there and take the devotion…. Wow.

    • Lulilly says:

      It is till pediphile behavior. Not Bella she is the age of consent but Renesmee

  14. Sara Teamdriven says:

    It would be smart to keep the relationship as ONLY brother and sister as far as imprinting goes for the movie. Otherwise, don’t even bother making breaking dawn part 2 movie.

    I believe that is what the majority would like that for just the movie at least.

  15. Krestian says:

    If People would actually read the article or the books for that matter, they would know that a person who imprints on  somebody young will change and adopt to what that person needs or wants as she gets older!!

  16. Kate says:

    If people actually read the article or books for that matter,they would know it’s not anything weird at she grows he will change and adopt to what she needs!!

  17. Nicki says:

    I agree it’s sick and twisted! If it was all sweet and innocent Bella and Edward would not be so pissed about it in the book! It’s love at first sight and promising in a relationship sort of way and I think all of these implications is disgusting when a baby is the object of such serious desires!! It’s gross and it is sending twisted messages. Sickens me and I don’t care how fast she grows, she was an infant when it happened!!

  18. 55 says:

    I think its a good idea to write a jacob and renesmee book. And for all of you guys hating on meyer first know the twilight saga books are science fiction and im preety sure if she writes the book it will be the same as the saga!!! and theirs no need for you guys to try and tell meyer what she should or shouldn’t write!! You guys are just jelous because she has talent to write!!!

    • butterfly g says:

      You needs a spell check honey for one. For two Meyer has no talent. She truely sucks at writing. She only appeals to the middle aged moms and teenaged fan girls like you. For three let her write the book but I can guarantee you that she will not be prepared for the back lash she recieves from it and will undoubtedly complain that we are being unfair. As a person with two young neices, Jacob imprinting on Nessie then staying around till she is old enough to have sex with him all because of imprinting is disgusting.

  19. fucking hypocrits says:

    all yall haters are stupid this should be wrong? then what about bella and edward in the first movie how old u think bella and edward were then?yall are some hypocrit sons of bitches

  20. hypocrit says:

    first book bella is 17 edward is 108 so this seems right to you? freaking hypocrit

    • Pureasitraynes says:

      yes but Bella is practically an adult their, and I’m sure the age of consent is 16 where she is, so regardless of how old Edward is, Bella is old enough and mentally mature enough to consent to it without being groomed her whole life into thinking it’s her face, so there is still a difference. With Renesmee, she is SEVEN when she is physically old enough to apparenlty pursue a relationship. BIG difference between Bedward and Jacesmee. 

  21. Nxbabygirl32711 says:

    This would be freaking awesome! I would totally read these series! I hate reading with a passion but I read each book in 2 days!!!! I would love to continue the series! And for all the haters it’s not like their havin sex! If u read the other twilight books u would know how one of the other wolves tht imprinted on a young girl loved her like a sister until she gets old enough! So ur saying tht that’s pedophile???! No it’s not! He’s not sittin there touching her kissin her or any other stupid shit tht pedophiles do! It’s not tht kind of love until she gets older! Die hard twilight fan! Stephanie Meyer number 1!!!

    • Lulilly says:

      But he will after he raises her. Let someone do it to your daughter and see how fast protective services gets involved stupid.

  22. says:

    Wow its a book. its a book about a super natural world. You are all being ridiculous! I would personally love for the book to continue. Meyer is a very talented writer. I would love to see Jacob and Renesmee story because… this is going to blow your mind…it Is a story! the whole point of reading is to escape this world and explore different realms. you talk like this is a real situation when it is all fiction so where’s the harm. I hope she continues the saga. I personally can’t wait.

    • LulillI says:

      But it is a story of a different kind of illicit love. Not vampire and human… But a highly mature 7year old and a 22 or so yer old man. It is wrong…and he is part of the family helping o raise her. Fundamentalist Mormon much…

    • Lulilly says:

      But personally I think she needs to tone down the fundamentalist Morman raise your child bride stuff, just sayin….

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  25. twihard! says:

    I like he idea of stephanie making a book about nessie and jacob so whatever those twilight haters say im still a twihard