Nude Selena Gomez Photo Leaked

Nude Selena Gomez Photo Leaked

There’s a photo that has just leaked on the internet that is said to be Disney star and rumored to be Justin Bieber’s girlfriend  Selena Gomez. Can you believe it?!?!?? She seemed like such a straight-laced kid!

Either way, it may be faked, but it is making the rounds — and fast! Check out the uncensored photo out after the jump!

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[Photo removed.]

Is it really Selena?!?? What do you think?!???

  • guest

    FAKE the faces are differnt -.- not that hard to tell

  • guest

    FAKE the faces are differnt -.- not that hard to tell


    She is my wife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Delete it

  • SelGomez

    hey guys it really is selena i am so sorry this got leaked out but here’s my email if you need me to explain anymore thanks i still love you all xoxo

    • Alexis

      Really give me ur number then and I will call u

      • Dlc44041

        My number?

      • Dlc44041


      • Adwiltz


    • Lusciouse-99

      hey um u just want 2 be like a normal teen i know it 



    • Katiethebum

      Well my name iz Katie and I recently lost my mother on the 6th of Sept. of 2011 … She died of cll cancer and I just wanted to tell u that little things like taking a nude pic and sending it around and drinking and smoking may disappoint others but itz ur choice …I’m only warning u ahead of time bc u don’t realize how quick things go by and u need to think iz it honestly worth it

    • MatthewAhumada2011

      Well it isn’t your fault u just wanted to be yourself

    • Oceangirlmel

      Stfu’ dumb hoes, this is selena qomez’ s uqly selff && if she is tryinq to impress that lil white wannab og than let her,she aint motherfuclken shitt, put some clothes on ,dumb hoe ass trickkk,


      • Jdupree97

        Stop ducking hating ya jealous bitch

    • Nbillymad

      can you send me some more pics th

  • Joeinboise67

    Sorry you have to put up with all the weirdos. Keep up the good work my kids love you.

  • Luscious-99

    i think she just wants 2 be like eany other teenager she wants 2 live normal life leslie  

  • Adrian James

    Lmfao it ent selena Gomez and the 1 pretendin 2 b her on here sayin email me and ill exsplain hahhaha comical how people try n b sme1 they ent

  • Greatevigar

    We need a REAL pic of her. Not this white trash fake.

  • S50004

    Is fake!!!!!!!!!

  • Hairyspice_ca

    slena gomez you have nice boobs

  • Fred

    That’s not her she is a lot hotter and more sexy

  • Cheyennesnyder2

    she wouldnt do it if she did that makes me mad

  • Devosumnicht

    She is till hot i would tap that

  • Footballplayer

    Give real pics

  • Sam Yates

    justin bieber found his pic naked

  • Abdullrahman441

    Its fake there bloking everything I seen a pic wer she shows everything but I knw its nt true coz shes already perfect bt I woudnt mind to see a real 1 of her

  • Sophia Deluz


  • Tairra Johnson1998

    Woowwwwwwwwww first miley went out of control now selena……smh

  • Tairra Johnson1998

    Woowwwwwwwwww first miley went out of control now selena……smh

  • Roger


  • Calumst Clair

    Isn’t her she has a mole on her tit

  • Shit muffin

    Hot shit but remove the black box ;)

  • bad brety

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  • Pete

    OMG she looks ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harrystylesgirlfiend

    Wow wats with people posting theses things on here it’s very inappropriate