OJ Simpson Doing Hard Time In Prison – He Is Getting Fat And Beaten Up!

OJ Simpson Doing Hard Time In Prison - He Is Getting Fat And Beaten Up!

Orenthal James (OJ) Simson might have been found not-guilty for the double murder he committed but he’s paying for it now.  Sources at Lovelock Correctional Center near Reno, Nevada say OJ is a walking heart attack.  The disgraced football legend has packed on 50 pounds, sources say, and his family now fears that he’ll die of cardiac arrest behind bars.

At 6-foot-1, the 63-year-old convict weighed 225 pounds when he entered prison, but now he’s ballooned to a blubbery 275 pounds by pigging out on junk food and going without exercise, a family insider said.

“O.J. is turning into a butterball,” the source said. “If he doesn’t go on a diet, he’s going to die of a massive heart attack in jail.  His kids are worried about him.”

Even Simpson worries that his weight will trigger a heart attack, said another source.

“O.J. is so depressed over his weight that he can’t even take care of himself,” the source revealed.  “He says, ‘I’m a heart attack waiting to happen.  When I leave here, they’ll probably be taking me out in a pine box.'”

Simpson has been locked up since December 2008, when he was sentenced to up to 33 years on charges of kidnapping, armed robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

His request for a new trial was denied in October, and he’s been deeply depressed since then, said the source.  Simpson is also still suffering psychological effects from being beaten unconscious by a young skinhead in a brutal prison yard attack, the source added.

After the attack, Simpson secretly spent several weeks in the prison hospital before he could return to his cell.  Since then, he’s become a recluse.

“When he arrived, O.J. was a celebrity to many of the inmates.  He always had a smile on his face and spent a lot of time playing cards in a TV and game room on his cell block,” the source said.

“But now he rarely leaves his cell.  He doesn’t want to be around other prisoners except for a few guys that protect him.”

The family source added: “Since his appeal was denied, O.J. now realizes he is likely to be in prison for years and it’s taken a toll on him.  He eats snack food to combat his depression, and he’s really packed on the pounds.  The ‘Juice’ today is a far cry from the guy who ran through airports in those old Hertz rental car commercials!”

We hate to say it but if anyone deserves this sad fate it is OJ.  His arrogance and total lack of value and respect for other people got him to where he is today.

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  • Mike

    Poor O.J., having to stay at that prison. Sure he did wrong acts, but even he doesn’t deserve this (actually nobody does). This is why I’m going to stay away from something that can send me to jail so I don’t have to deal with the crap inside those walls.

    • Polly

      Yeah, Mike. That’s the whole idea.

    • Ella

      Hey, you know who else got something they didn’t deserve? Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman when OJ slit their throats so deeply it nearly decapitated them.

      I think they got the worst of it.

  • Tom

    Maybe he can sign with “The Biggest Loser, Notorious Addition”, when he’s released as a 94 year old butterball.

  • TC

    Maybe he’ll find Nicoles’ killer there since he couldn’t find him on the golf course.

  • mike

    Does CDL read it’s own stories? In this story it says he got beat up. Then at the bottom of the story there’s a link to another article saying that he didn’t get beat up.

  • Great2Hear

    This is GREAT news! The poor murdering bastard getting fat in prison and worried about a heart attack? That’s far better than being ambushed in the dark and stabbed to death like an animal, left on the street for all the world to see.

    Orenthal, you are getting your “just due”, the karma you so very much deserve. I say we should give the skinhead an award and encourage him to beat your bastard mudering ass once a week.

    Your celebrity is gone, your football greatness a distant memory. You ARE OJ, the murdering fat bastard inmate. Just another THUG!


    I’ve never felt quite so GOOOOD about myself!@!!!

  • Edward C. Stengel

    O.J. was acquitted of the murdes of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, and the robbery and kidnapping charges are an attempt to punsih him for the murders he was acquitted of. He never even left that Las Vegas hotel room where at most he was guilty of attempted armed robbery and should have probably gotten off with no more than 3 years. On top of that, he’s a senior citizen who is being harrassed by younger prisoners, and the prison authorities should be held accountable. I don’t care what a prisoner has done to land himself in prison, he still has the right to be free from attacks by prisoners half his age.
    Prison authorities are worse than the prisoners they supervise.

    • Mike

      Amen bro, Amen.

      • Shanon Morrison383

        yes,and what do you deserve in life you, or not any of you have been perfect in life,that man is of age and no one should have let the man get jumped on the way he did.I bet the skin head will not jump on a brother or a man that is the same age or not as old what a punk…pick on some one that can fight you back!!!!

        • Robert713

          STFU you Moron

        • James F

          Your not to cue on prison life are you??? Skinheads attack whoeaver the fuk they want. Sorry you like black people alot but yeah know what your talking about before you go and try to race glorify on your perceptions of white people.


      He is reaping what he sowed. A lot of innocent people are judged guilty and some acquitted are REALLY GUILTY . NO ONE BUT HIM HAD THAT RAGE TO KILL THE WAY HE DID NICOLE AND RON!!! AT THE LEAST HE WAS A WIFE BEATER AND DESERVES A SMACK DOWN.

    • Blynelly

      OJ masterminded the armed robbery and THAT makes him as guilty and the wittneses say he was there. Covicted as charged. To late to cry about it. How’s the search for Nicloes killers going?

    • NH Mom

      I totally agree. They couldn’t convict murder so they convicted on something else. I myself never thought he did it. Too much blood and gore and he walks away with a scratch on his finger?? Please!! According to Faye Resnick Nicole had quite a colorful life aside from OJ. She was, according to Faye a man eater. Could of easily been anyone else. Marcus Allen, his wife ???? Too many others to name.

    • Summertodd621

      They should let him out so he can find the killers of Nicole and Ron…duh

    • Mike

      Are you seriously that blinded by the efforts of OJ’s defence team that you can’t see how they turnes his wife’s trial into a race trial against the LAPD? I don’t condone the way the LAPD treated – and quite possibly still treat – the black community, but let’s be realistic, OJ is as guilty as sin for those brutal murders.

  • Novabynature

    After what he has done in his lifetime, a pine box may be too good for him!!  I am not going to take time providing background or legal jargin, as it has been provided many time over.  There will come a time where he is answering to a Higher Court –

  • Guest!

    “You hate to say it?” So why did you? Sounds like you are the self-righteous arrogant piece of $#!@ for being so ignorantly judgemental. OJ is no different from you, or me or anyone else for the matter. He just got caught. I can guarantee that if we dig up your past, we’ll find something that warrants throwing your azz in jail as well. Media pr!@#s.

  • Joe

    Karma is real.

  • Ron7co

    It’s all about him.  Poor OJ.  What about the two people he murdered and their families?

  • Ralez01

    I think they really have been hard on him, but his sentence reflect the kind of guy he is, he should have been quiet and cautious, but instead…. we all know the story, I kind of like him though, I am not sure he did what people think he did, but I guess, it’s over now.

    • Robert713

      Ok…Now…Put down the pipe and go make some money.

  • Citizen0077

    Who is paying for his junk food in prison?  I though they only got bread and water in prison.  If that is not the case prisoners  should only be given healthy food while in prison since the majority of their problem can be traced to unhealthy diets.  Give them healthy food and change their handwriting.  The combination of the two will make them outstanding citizens once they are released from prison.  Prisons should be about reforming people not giving them a place to rot.  It makes no sense.  

    • he can purchase noodles, cookies, kool aid, peanut butter from the commissary.

  • Hhhutcher

    all you oj defenders are idiots==are u that stupid–did you watch the trial everyday like i did–if they had tv shows like csi ect before the trial the jury might have had a clue–how about the pictures of him that surfaced at his civil trial that shows him in his bruno magglio shoes that he left in blood footprints or the gloves that wouldn’t fit in same pics–how about the blood evidence in his car and house with both nicholes and rons dna–you can’t be so stupid not to believe that he didn’t slaughter them–he deserves to rot and die in jail

    • Robert713

      @hhutcher…Your so right bro. But you could have shown those idiots a film if the murder and they would have set him free either way. Yeah whites are soo prejudice aren’t they?? That’s why the race has made little to no progress all these years.

      • spottedgiraffe


  • freecheese

    I didn’t think one could get that fat eating Ramen noodles and watching BET all day.

    • spottedgiraffe

      They don’t have noodles in jail. Idiot.

      • Yes they most certainly have ramen noodles in jail. You get them from the commissary and is very popular with inmates.

      • Yes they most certainly have ramen noodles in jail. You get them from the commissary and is very popular with inmates.

  • Adcbb

    Remember, the worst act a human can commit is not murder, rape, theft or assault. The worst transgression possible is to say the word “nigger.” And since it was proven that a cop in OJ’s case once said the word “nigger,” then OJ Simpson cannot ever be guilty of any crime, anytime. So perhaps its best if they just let the fucking nigger go free.

    • spottedgiraffe

      You are a fcking moron

  • Robert713

    There’s conflicting reports on the total wastes beatdown. You had it right the first time. I know for a fact it happened, because I was there visiting my brother a couple of days after the incident. He’s a punk, nothing more.

  • O.J. should, rot in prison. He is a PUNK. Great football player. I was hoping he was not guilty. Never liked him as a person. Too bad Nicole picked such an idiot. They say he didn’t get a fair trial in the gun breakin deal. Well, he got a racist, bias, prejudice unfair, idiotic trial and verdict the first time around. He is GARBAGE and if it was my daughter or son he murdered he would never have made it to court. PROMISE, no threat intended. Blacks are cry babies. They have nothing to whine about. They are in every stupid program on TV and commercials. They have more than anyone deserves but they think they have it coming. They are attacking whites without it being reported. If whites get too angry they could demolish the blacks. Usama bin laden Obama, the Muslim PUNK TERRORIST president some of have should be Arrested, Tried, Convicted and EXECUTED, NOW. He is EVIL along with his Beasty wife, Michelle. They must GO. Sooner than later. The LYING Bastard and his buddy Hillary Cliton are the two most CRIMANAL people in OUR country. Both should go. My name is, Larry VELASCO, AMERICAN and I am for closing the borders to ALL. No bias, No prejudice. DONE DEAL Usama bin laden Obama is EVIL

  • EXECUTE O.J. along with your Muslim PUNK LYING TYRANT president. LARRY VELASCO, AMERICAN and Hispanic who would CLOSE OUR BORDERS TO EVERYONE. DUMP THE PUNK and his BEASTY wife Michelle

  • Mike

    What goes around comes around… I hope you rot in prison, and hell, OJ. Hopefully you will die there, you definitely don’t deserve to see freedom again.