OK! Magazine: Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding – Photo

OK! Magazine: Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding

The September 26th issue of OK! Magazine features the dueling duo of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.   Talk about beating a dead horse, the Angelina and Jennifer Aniston feud story has been covered by the tabloids more times than I can count.  Anyway, blazoned across this week’s cover of OK! ‘The latest Insult, Angie Sabotages Jen’s Wedding’   The magazine claims a spiteful Angelina is rushing Brad to the alter to upstage Jen’s big day to her boyfriend Justin Theroux.

OK! has more: Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston: It’s a race to the altar! Brad Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston may be upstaged by his current love Angelina Jolie when it comes to weddings. For weeks, insiders close to Jen have said she is planning to marry Justin Theroux. Now, friends of Angelina say that not only is the star finally ready to get hitched to Brad, but she’s also picked out the dress and plans to host a more dazzling affair than Jen’s! OK! lists the ways the two ceremonies would differ.

Of course the first place the girls would go to tell of their big plans is OK! LOL… Just another made up story by a tabloid!  Also in this week’s issue they have the scoop on why Jessica Simpson has delayed her wedding to her fiancé Eric Johnson.

If you need to find out all this and more pick up the current issue of OK!

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6 responses to “OK! Magazine: Angelina Jolie Sabotages Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding – Photo”

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  2. Dcgull says:

    In my book her name is Angelina HOlie…Brad is blind cause he had a beautiful wife…what he saw in that skinny ugly woman I don’t know….she may think she got something on Jen right before she was getting married but she’s only jealous because Brad hasn’t married her…..after all he  WAS MARRIED to Jen…I think he’s a puppy dog on a string for Angelina to pull in every now and then….she is the trashiest of the trash….

  3. Bright_sunshine77 says:

    Angelina is way too pretty and sexy than the old jennifer aniston.

    • beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It also comes from within.Angelina according to my interpretation is a ugly human being.Jennifer personifies beauty from the outside and inside. Jennifer is beautiful from head to toe and angelina only have a nice looking face. the rest of her from her neck down is shot.

      • zori says:

        They are both amazing women abd have a ton to offer physically, as humanitarians and as ppl. The drama they had years ago is over. You think they really care about your personal opinions? Since you feel so strongly about how old and ugly and hoeish and blah blah blah….do something about it. Boycott the movies they make. I know one thing. I’m not gonna stop living my life cause of drama that happened a decade ago. Grow up!!!! Its not even your fight lol!!!