Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Are Best Friends Again?

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan Are Best Friends Again?Apparently Paris Hilton and  Lindsay Lohan have buried the hatchet!  Lindsay and Paris are back to being friends again! This was a reunion that I wouldn’t have foreseen happening. But, I guess  Paris is ready to let bygones be bygones.

Paris had a small party and invited some close friends, Emma Roberts and Lukas Haas, along with her sister Nicky. A source at the party said, “Everyone was so surprised when Lindsay walked in and we thought they didn’t get along. But they immediately gave each other a big hug.”

They all hung out on the beach and in her hot tub, and later they took part in a mini dance party. Lindsay wasn’t even indulging in alcohol… The snitch added, “She LOVED seeing her again.”

Do do you think of Paris’ reunion with Lindsay is good for Paris?

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