Paris Hilton Out & About Visits The Dentist & Gets Some Lemonade! – Photos

Paris Hilton Gets Some Lemonade!

We caught up with Paris Hilton today  September 15th, 2011 as she departed a medical centre in Beverly Hills,  Los Angeles.  Paris was vising the dentist.  She tweeted on her twitter account, “Now on my way to the dentist. :( #brutal” Later in the day Paris stopped off for a light lunch at Lemonade restaurant in Beverly Hills CA on September 15, 2011.  Paris was wearing a summery dress, white high heels and sunglasses and looked adorable.   Paris is back in LA after spending the past couple of months in Europe.    Paris has been very busy this summer working on her fashion line and working with DJ Afrojack on a collaboration.

Paris is happy to be home and recently tweeted: “So nice to just be at home, alone & relaxing. I travel so much that it’s nice to just sit back & breathe. Love being with my pets too! :)” .  However she won’t be in Los Angeles for long.  She will be jetting off to her next business trip soon as she heads to Istanbul, Turkey for the launch of Paris Hilton footwear.

Paris will also be heading to India.  Indians are excited about the opportunity to purchase Paris’ collection of 17 product lines including fragrances, apparel, footwear, music albums, sunglasses, pet products, stationery, bedding and handbags.

Paris’ fashion collection is now featured in 30 stores across 35 countries including Philippines, Bahrain and Malaysia.

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Image credit to Fame Pictures

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