Pauly D Gets Straddled By Britney Spears — ‘Yup, That Happened’

Pauly D Gets Straddled By Britney Spears -- 'Yup, That Happened'

Jersey Shore star Pauly D was subjected to an extremely large pink feather boa and a very touchy-feely Britney Spears last night during her Femme Fatale tour in Montreal. With smiles beaming all around, the pop star threw her legs around Pauly — who spins records for Brit Brit in the beginning of her shows — after giving him a lap dance.

So what did Pauly D think of his special treat? The DJ tweeted several hours ago: “Yup That Did Happen lol”

Yeah, Buddy! (you’ll only understand that if you watch Jersey Shore).

Speaking of Jersey Shore, did y’all watch the episode last night? Favorite Snooki quote from last night’s episode: “Wait, we’re not in Rome,” she says, giving a guttural Snooki laugh, “we’re in Italy.” FYI, Rome is also in Italy. And in case you didn’t know, the current season of Jersey Shore is in Florence, which is also  in Italy LOL.

What do you guys think of that picture above? Tell us what you think!

Image Credit to: Twitter

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