Perez Hilton Is Ultimate Cyber Bully For Calling Lindsay Lohan A Cutter

Perez Hilton Is Ultimate Cyber Bully For Calling Lindsay Lohan A CutterPerez Hilton is not only an ass!?*!$ but he is an hypocritical ass!?*!$.  A year ago Perez, whose real name is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr, came out guns ablazing against bullying.  At that time there was lots of buzz surrounding the death of Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, who committed suicide after being the victim of cyberbullying.

Perez’ goal was to look like a good guy and garner more publicity for himself which is all that the lowlife cares about. So he told Ellen DeGeneres.  “I’m going to do things differently on my website than I have in the past. I’m not going to call people nasty nicknames. I’m not going to go the mean route. I’m going to force myself to be funnier or smarter.  I don’t want to be a bully. I don’t want to be called a bully,” Hilton said at the time in a video on his site.

Well it’s a year later and Perez has apparently forgotten his phony vows.  Now he’s back to being the sensationalist pig he always truly was – as we see from his headline yesterday:

‘Oh No! Is Lindsay Cutting???‘  In this post Perez mercilessly assaults Lindsay Lohan with baseless accusations of being a ‘cutter’ – all based upon his exaggerated interpretation of a photograph.

Perez uses a picture of Lindsay from a Paris Fashion Week event and draws an arrow pointing to what he calls a ‘disturbing image’ of a ‘fresh scar’ on the star’s left arm.

“We’ve seen that kind of scar before,” writes Perez. “We’ve seen that kind of scar on HER before. We have a deep, dark feeling we know exactly what is going on – and we want it to stop.”

What’s going on is that Perez is once again spewing vicious garbage at a target who can’t really fight back – and he is doing it in order to increase his traffic on his blog and therefore his income. He is behaving like the ultimate cyber bully.

Perez continues: “Honey, what is wrong with you? Why aren’t you getting any better? Why are you still the hottest mess of the Western Hemisphere? What’s it going to take to get you back on the right track???”

Certainly Lindsay’s getting back on the right track will not be assisted by Perez Hilton.

Lindsay reported to Gossip Cop that Perez is totally wrong about his allegations that she is a cutter saying: “That’s Crazy.”

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14 responses to “Perez Hilton Is Ultimate Cyber Bully For Calling Lindsay Lohan A Cutter”

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  2. guest says:

    So because Gossip Cop got a quote out of her denying it, that means she’s telling the truth?  She also denied being a drug addict, an alcoholic, stealing, driving under the influence, being in possession of drugs etc.  Lindsay’s a known cutter, she’s also a pathalogical liar.  The mark on her arm is clearly visible and it’s possible that it could just be an innocent scratch but it’s also feasibe that she harmed herself too. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The point of the article is that Perez had a huge publicity campaign about how he was not bullying anymore……. and what pray tell do you can what he just did. Sure she may be a cutter but Perez does not have a crystal ball and he was going to be ‘so much better than all of us in the future’ ya right!!

    • Jody Overland says:

      are u dense or just thick?  it is not about what Lindsay might or might not have done – it’s about what an asshole perez is for bullying her.  and by the way, have you personally confirmed that lindsay is a ‘cutter?’

      • guest says:

        “are u dense or just thick?” So you start your response to my comment by personally insulting me? Well done you! Where did you learn that from, Perez? BTW, “dense” and “thick” when used to insult another person mean pretty much the same thing so using one or the other would have sufficed. It’s well documented that Lindsay is (or was) a cutter, it has been public knowledge for years that cutting was one of her issues. Is Perez wrong for highlighting it for a pointless article and to gain hits for his site? Of course, he’s an opportunistic asshole of epic proportions. Does that make him a bully? No more than any other gossip site writing about Lindsay at the moment, in fact, trawl through ANY of the more popular gossip sites and their recent stories of Lindsay are far, far worse than what Perez wrote in his “article”.  I would imagine the accusations levelled at her from those sites would be more damaging than Perez over exaggerating about a problem she has been known for in the past.  

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  4. maryann says:

    Perez Hilton is a dirt bag bully. There is NO evidence of cutting. There is a small scratch on her arm, hell I have one on my wrist, am I cutting? NO! 

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  7. Brian says:

    I’m surprised the Hilton doesn’t get his ass kicked more often.

  8. Vketjo47 says:

    There is bullying and there is making a observation on something you see……….

    If I say that I have seen this same (mark) for a better word as well as three more since she went to europe showing up in photographes of her …she doesn’t wear enough clothing to cover them other then a heavy spray of self tanner…that mark wasn’t there in Milan but two other are visiabile…as well as several bruises that are heavily makeup to hide..not my words those came for the “Daily Mail” Newspaper UK… Are they bullys for pointing them out…am I a bully for saying what I observed…….as for the marks ….saying they are old more then two yrs won’t work either cause scars that old fade to flesh colored or white….on white people…those (marks) are pink and red which show they are fairly new…….and if she indeed has a history of cutting I can see were he is coming from…..

  9. Carrie says:

    That is NOT bullying! I neither love or hate Perez Hilton, but observing something is not the same as bullying. Also, did you read his site back in the day? This Lindsay post was nothing. In fact, it even comes across as tough love. He’s trying to shake her into reality. Of course she’s going to say it’s crazy. But that cut DOES look bad, and SOMEONE has to call for help. If nobody else, he apparently did. 

  10. pixzeto says:

    It doesn’t sound like bullying to me. Rather it seems like he’s telling her to care about her health better. You’re the bullies.