Rakhi Sawant Compares Veena Malik To Gaddafi, Saddam, And Bin Laden (Photo)

The Indian beauty and top celeb Rakhi Sawant has hit out in a vicious attack upon recently ex-communicated Pakistani actress Veena Malik, blasting her recent disappearance and comparing her to fallen dictators Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gaddafi and even to master terrorist, Osama Bin Ladin.

For those not in the know, Rakhi Sawant is a celebrity Indian dancer, Hindi film and television actress, model and television talk show host. She is the sister of film director Rakesh Sawant and former actress Usha Sawant.

Malik’s manager, Pratiek Mehta went into a panic last week when his biggest star went missing. Fears grew for her safety because she has received numerous death threats since her nude poses appeared in FHM India earlier this month – but she was later found resting – or hiding – in a hotel.

The unfortunate Malik not only had to deal with the Islamic outrage that followed her sexy poses but her own father publicly disowned her – very different than Michael Lohan who praised his daughter, Lindsay Lohan, for her nude Playboy spread.

As if this wasn’t punishment enough for Malik, she was then excommunicated by a fundamentalist Islamic committee. The All India Muslim Festival (Tyohar) Committee issued a fatwa against Malik for both the nude photos and her participation on a reality TV show in which women get to choose their husbands.

After Malik went missing, her manager, Pratiek Mehta said he had received a text saying she was ill and depressed.

Mehta said she had been filming a movie called Mumbai 125 Kilometers at Goregaon and was last seen leaving in a car after shooting had finished.

A spokeswoman for the actress said that Malik had been tracked down to a Mumbai hotel.  “Touched base with Veena this morning, she is fine and in a hotel in Mumbai,” she said.  “She is currently poorly, so just resting.”

Following the drama, Rakhi Sawant ranted fiercely against Malik, comparing her to some of the World’s most reviled scoundrels.

“Saddam Hussein was found hiding in a little bunker in Iraq by American troops,” Sawant was quoted as saying in an interview.

“Osama Bin Laden was found hiding in a house compound in Pakistan by American forces. Muammar Gaddafi was captured by rebel militia while hiding in a drain underneath a road in Libya. And Pakistani starlet Veena Malik was found by the Indian media hiding in a suburban hotel in Mumbai,” she said.

Malik has said that attitudes in Pakistan were from the ‘Stone Age’, adding: “The things I have done in life, I have the guts to stand by. This is my body; this is my life.”

Can you imagine the Kardashians in Pakistan… .

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