Rihanna’s Relatives Want A Chris Brown Reconciliation?

Rihanna's Relatives Want A Chris Brown Reconciliation?

We’ve all seen the shocking photo of Rihanna after Chris Brown nearly beat her to death. It was made worse by the fact that he didn’t get any jail time for his actions. Thankfully, she left his butt and has been moving on with her life. Now, Celeb Dirty Laundry has learned that Rihanna’s cousins actually think she should reconcile with him. Wait, what?!?

The National Enquirer actually talked to Rihanna’s two cousins, who said that Chris was a nice guy. Nicola Alleyne said, “Chris made a mistake, but I forgive him. I think he got hit too. Knowing Rihanna like I do, it was a fight. But I would love them to be back together. I really think Chris still loves her.”

She went on to say, “She introduced Chris to everybody. He was really, really nice. Chris’ mother, sister, nephew and cousin also came. My mother made dinner, and Chris sat on the floor and ate her Guyanese food – baked salt fish and rice.”

Rihanna’s other cousin, Amanda Thomas, feels the same way about the R&B singer. She said, “I loved Chris Brown. I met him after Rihanna had just won her first Grammy. She had a party in the Boatyard Bar in Bridgetown, and I danced with him. I don’t know what happened, but I would love for them to get back together. Everybody makes mistakes.”

Why do they want her to get back together with him so badly? So he can finish what he started???

Photo Credit: WENN.com

  • kara

    it actually makes me sick of  ignorant ppl behind computer .what the fuck do you know about Chris Brown huh..it was an unfortunate fight & he paid his duties loser its not up to you to decide..quit of hating CB 

  • Anonymous

    smart kids. maybe you can learn something from them. not enuf for a young man to take responsibilty for his actions, plead guilty, ready to do time if thats what the judge ordered. kinda sad in todays society there is no redeeming yourself. just some in the media beating a dead horse with a stick. move on like chris and rihanna have.

  • Mistake is a Mistake!

    exactly! what the fu*k do you know about Chris?! people that knew him are talking yet your ignorant ass isn’t listening.

  • player

    there u go peepz…if u old enough u’ll be able to read between the lines….if not then u jst keep on hate chris, coz tht affects no one but u. 

  • Shannen Merrypor

    NO EFFENCE ! But I think the whole world should back off , hating Chris for what he did. No one knew how she provoked him it takes two to tango it wasn’t just his fault , besides he is happy with his new Girlfriend Karrueche Tran & shes happy on her own. If they get back together they’d both loose everything they worked so hard for & it would be hard to get it back in the industry there in. Basically they both moved on & very happy WITHOUT eachother and with thier lives. EVERYBODY should mind there own business forget the past and move on. They both see that why is it that the only people who can’t see that is the rest of use ! :// .  

  • Shannen Merrypor

    The whole world should just BACK OFF ! It takes two to tange nobody knows how she provoked him. Besides their both very hapy WITHOUT eachother and if they did get back together they’d both lose everything they worked so hard for and lose that within a heartbeat now that the industry is tight with the pair of them it’ll be harder to gain it all back. Plus, Hes happy with his new girlfiend Karrueche Tran and Rihanna is happy with her life and career right now and they both know that ! Don’t think for them. Why is it that the only people who can’t see that is the world and the rest of use ? //:

  • Shannen Merrypor

    GET OVER iT ! Why is it that the only people who can’t see that is USE. They both are happy WITHOUT eachother hes got a girlfriend who loves him back and shes very happy own her own with her career enough with this Rihanna and Chris Brown shit. It’s getting old.