Sandra Bullock Needs To Call Ghostbusters!

Sandra Bullock Needs To Call Ghostbusters!

Oscar winning actress Sandra Bullock, 46, is having a problem with gasp… Ghosts!  Seriously she is having sleepless nights in North London where she is currently filming the sci-fi thriller Gravity with George Clooney.   Apparently Sandra is seeing ghostly apparitions, the house she is living in use to be a church.  The situation is so serious she has asked producers to investigate the converted church she is staying in because she fears it’s haunted.

A source said: “Sandra is convinced something is not right.” Oh no maybe it is “the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man”

Perhaps she can call Bill Murray you know what they say “When it comes through your door,  Unless you just want some more,  I think you better call, GHOSTBUSTERS”

No news yet on if George Clooney is experiencing the same problem and we are not sure if the producers are bringing in experts to get rid of the pesky ghosts.

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  • Sarah Baker89

    she’s annoying #slangwho

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  • I would be very interested to hear Sandra Bullocks story in more detail. Sandra Bullocks new “Friend” Ryan Rynolds, Portrayed my step-father George Lutz in the 2005 remake of “The Amityville Horror”. ….. Sandra and I can compare Creepy stories, I’ll even go first… , Here is one, before I was married, I had a bit of a celebrity crush on Sandra,… now she is dating the guy who portrayed My Father… Now that is Creepy!”

    • Anonymous

      LOL Agreed!