Selena Gomez Punched In The Face By A Justin Bieber Fan? WRONG!

Selena Gomez Punched In The Face By A Justin Bieber Fan? WRONG!

Sites are reporting that Selena Gomez got punched in the face by a Belieber. Furthermore in the picture above they claim you can see Selena crying and holding her bruised face, and Justin Bieber looking non too pleased.  The screen cap is suppose to be from Justin’s manager Scooter.

Well Celeb Dirty Laundry can report that Selena Gomez did NOT get punched by a fan/belieber and this story is a total fabrication.  The tweets did not come from Scooter and Selena’s face is red because she has a cold sore.  Yes has received threats from Beliebers who are in love with Justin but that is as far as it has gone.

This all happened during a paparazzi frenzy outside of Maggiano’s restaurant in L.A., where Selenat accompanied Justin for his 17th birthday dinner.  Justin later tweeted about the frenzy, had a great bday and at the end of the night we got surrounded by paps and i reacted in a way i know better. im sorry #killthemwithkindness

Additionally a rep for Selena Gomez said there is “absolutely no truth” to the rumors.

  • Demi lovato

    Hi Let’s be tbffl Again Selena Gomez and I’M SORRY i like Justin Bieber

  • poor selena, each person is loose in the streets crazy

  • Mirjana

    yeesssssss i hate you selena

  • Erdriskell98

    That fucker is gonna cry even more when I hit her with a Snapple bottle.

  • Callofduty713

    all selena haters sud go to helll…..she is a lovely person and she cares for her fans unlike other celebrities and she cried ona concert and an interview or how grateful her fans are….


    and to this pic….she was not hit…she had a bruised lips while she was dinning…and she hid her face because of the camera flashes