Shia LaBeouf In A Bar Fight And Landed In Handcuffs

Shia LaBeouf In A Bar Fight And Landed In Handcuffs

Transformers: Dark of the Moon actor Shia LaBeouf, 24, who has a history of fighting was in another fight last night.  Apparently he was at a bar when he had an altercation with another guy.

Hollyscoop can exclusively reveal that LaBeouf got into a bar fight, which landed him in handcuffs.

Eyewitnesses tell Hollyscoop “he was hanging at the bar, then we just saw him charging for some guy.”  Cops were immediately called on the scene and had him handcuffed. After speaking to him for about 20 minutes, they decided to let him go.

Labeouf has said he avoids trouble other stars get into by dedicating himself to his work.  Does not look like it is working he was arrested in 2007 at a Walgreens and he was arrested in 2008 for drunk driving where he injured his hand and knee.  He is now in trouble again with this fight.  I think he has to dedicated himself a little more to his work cause his plan to stay out of trouble is not working.

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