So You Think You Can Dance 2011 – Top 20 – Recap 06/22/11

So You Think You Can Dance 2011 - Top 20 - Recap 06/22/11

Last week, Nigel surprised viewers and sent nobody home on the first official results show.  Tonight, the top 20 perform again and tomorrow night, 2 couples will be going home. If you missed last week’s recap, you can catch the so-called results here or the performances here.  The recap tonight is being brought  to you by Rosie over at Fit Fab Celeb!

Tonight, the dancers reveal dirty little secrets about each other, here they are: Ricky’s name is Roderick, Ryan’s leg hairs grow fast,Caitlin has nasty feet, Mitchell likes to wear his zebra Snuggy, Wady likes to use ladies hair removal cream on his chest, Missy has a funny laugh, Iveta talks to herself in the mirror, Nick wears shorts all the time, Robert thinks he is a pro wrestler, Miranda has a crush on Tadd, Clarice sleeps with her eyes open, Jess draws stick figure orchestras, Jordan isn’t the brightest crayon in the box, Tadd is a clean freak, Melanie has a big issue with people touching her ears, Marko loves to read romance novel, Sasha sweats like a dude, Alexander loves to look at himself in the mirror, Chris makes a creepy smile when he gets nervous and Ashley thinks she has swag and doesn’t.

The special guest judge tonight is, Broadway veteran, Debbie Reynolds. On with the recap:

  • Jordan and Tadd dancing the Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux. It was beautiful. Nigel loved it, he called it ridiculous and sensational, the best that he has ever seen a B-boy dance. Mary called Tadd the biggest surprise of the season. Debbie said they were just as good as Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire.
  • Sasha and Alexander dancing a sensitive routine choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon. This one was really good, you could feel the story of the husband returning from Afghanistan. Debbie said it was acting and dancing, she loved it. Mary starts crying, she said it was too close to home – their souls really brought it. Nigel found it ironic that Obama said tonight that he was withdrawing the troops tonight and now this dance – it was carried off brilliantly.
  • Clarice and Jess dancing a Contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey.Yawn, contemporary always puts me to sleep. Debbie said it was so wonderful, they touched her heart. Nigel said he only enjoyed parts of it, he didn’t like the work they did together, it felt uncomfortable. Mary liked the control.
  • Ryan and Ricky dancing a Jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. To say that this routine was sexy, is an understatement. Nigel said it was absolutely sensational, so raunchy that he wanted to throw a bucket of water over them. Mary said she is addicted to the two of them (camera goes to Ryan who has a boob slip!). Debbie said she hasn’t seen anyone dance sexier to the point of falling out of their top.
  • Caitlin and Mitchell dancing a Contemporary routine choreographed by Stacey Tookey. Mary said it was flawless, she love it. Debbie thought they were both dramatic, it was lovely. Nigel said it was a remarkable piece, it was outstanding.
  • Miranda and Robert dancing a Hip Hop number choreographed by Tabatha and Napoleon. Mary said it absolutely great, sharp with lots of swaggar. Debbie thought it was fabulous, she was mesmerized. Nigel loved the routine, thought it was terrific – they put their dance where their mouth is.
  • Missy and Wadi dancing the Cha Cha choreographed by Jean-Marc Généreux (my favorite choreographer!). I think Missy fell flat, loved Wadi. Debbie said they chewed it up. Nigel said that Wadi was weak with the technique, there is a lot of work to be done but he loved Missy and called her spicy. Mary said the beginning was spectacular, but Wadi fell short in the middle but it was respectable, she felt Missy owned it.
  • Melanie and Marko dancing a Jazz piece choreographed by Mandy Moore. Mary loved it, she said it was so good and feel the two can take anything they throw at them. Debbie said they are both great stars. Nigel said it is really early to talk about stars on the program, but it is true, these two are stars as a couple.
  • Ashley and Chris performing a Broadway routine by choreographer Spencer Liff. Great and unusual routine. Nigel said it was so difficult and it was wonderful – they worked very hard for this one. Mary love it as well, 212 degrees boiling – the two make it on the Hot Tomale Train. Debbie thought it was fabulous, sensational.
  • Iveta and Nick dancing a Bollywood routine choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. It was ok, but Bollywood is not my thing. Nigel loved it all in all. Mary said they shined. she loved the chemistry – good partnering. Debbie said it was wonderful, they were terrific.

Fit Fab’s Best Performance of the night: Ryan and Ricky

Come back tomorrow night to find out who are the two couples to get the boot and appear on The Ellen Show.