Survivor: Redemption Island Week THREE Recap & Who Was Voted Out?

Survivor: Redemption Island Week THREE Recap & Who Was Voted Out?

Are you ready for the third episode of Survivor 2011? The episode begins with Matt arriving on Redemption Island. He is angry and sick to his stomach that he was blindsided by Boston Rob.

Back on Ometepe, Boston Rob is thrilled that at the last Tribal Council Christina got rid of her immunity idol and Philip made an Academy Award winning performance.

Francesca and Matt are going to face off in a duel on Redemption Island. Two members from each tribe are going to witness the duel. Andre and Ashley from Ometepe and Steve and Dave from Zapatera.

For the duel they are using stick and rope to tie together and retrieve three keys. Francesca takes a huge lead, two keys retrieved before Matt even retrieves one. Francesca stalls on third and Matt is able to get his two. It is tied even and Matt retrieves the third key first, opens all three locks and wins. Francesca’s shot at the million dollars is over, she tosses her buff in the fire and leaves.

On their way out of Redemption Island, Steve said that he might tell Russell that Matt got sent home instead of Francesca as a strategy in the game against Russell.

Back at Ometepe Andrea and Ashley tell Boston Rob that Matt is pissed. Rob starts to work on Andrea because he is afraid that she turns against him because she is close to Matt. Meanwhile Andrea doesn’t trust Boston Rob.

Back at Zapatera, Steve and Dave go with the plan and tell Russell that Matt is gone home, meanwhile telling other tribe mates the truth. Russell is working on finding the next clue and having a hard time because Ralph has already found it. Stephanie is faking that she found the immunity idol, it is actually a bag of rocks. Steve really doesn’t like Russell, he calls him a cancer.

Mike calls Russell a Black Hole, sitting around with his concubines. The tribe is talking about throwing the challenge to get rid of Russell but Julie doesn’t like it.

At the challenge, Ralph and Serita from Zapatera sit out. Three members of each tribe will be strapped to a big wheel, three other members will roll the wheel into the water. The strapped members will have to take a mouthful of water and spit it in a tube. When they release a ball they can start to work on a puzzle. Rob works on the puzzle for Ometepe and Dave for Zapatera. Ometepe wins the challenge, get the comfort reward, Zapatera is going to Tribal Council. Russell knows the challenge was thrown and calls them all a bunch of bitches.

Back at Ometepe, everyone is looking for the immunity idol, including Boston Rob who is very diligent about it and finds it under Philip’s chair.

Zapatera returns to camp and the tribe decides that they are going to give three votes to Stephanie and three to Russell. Russell figures the whole thing out and encourages Stephanie to speak to Julie to try and get her to flip her decision. Julie is feeling the pressure and undecided so Russell takes a try at it promising to have her back if she back stabs the rest of the team.

At Tribal Council Ralph said it was good to be at Tribal Council because there is a division in the tribe and Serita blames Russell. Russell tells Jeff that he feels the rest of the team threw the challenge. Stephanie said that people forget they are in the game and are more worried about making friends. Serita calls Russell a huge black cloud and does nothing around the cloud, Stephanie comes to his defense. The vote is tied three ways for Russell, Stephanie and Ralph.

Everyone, except the three get to vote again. Russell gets four votes and is voted out. Russell tells the tribe that he’ll be back and ready but the idiot doesn’t realize he is meeting Matt, not Francesca.

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