The Biggest Loser Season 12 Week 6 Live Recap 10/25/11

The Biggest Loser Season 12 Week 6 Live Recap 10/25/11

The Biggest Loser is back tonight with the sixth episode of the 12th season.  Last week we saw Courtney voted out and she will not be the Biggest Loser.  If you missed last week’s episode you can read our official recap here!  For Halloween week the Biggest Loser brings a candy temptation and a haunted maze challenge to the ranch will challenge the contestants on tonight’s episode.

Tonight’s recap:  The kitchen is decorated for Halloween, there are spider webs and skeleton’s and the contestant are super excited.  Allison comes in dressed as The Bride of Frankenstein and she looks fantastic.   She gives the contestants some scarey facts about candy and how much is purchased and eaten at Halloween.

There is a cauldron hanging from the ceiling on a scale and it is filled with candy.  This is a challenge and for every one pound of candy that they eat they will get a one pound advantage at the weigh-in.  There is another twist this week, there will not be an individual challenge and all the whole house must lose 100 lbs.  If the house loses a total of 100 lbs no one goes home.  If they don’t lose the 100 lbs only person safe is the one who loses the most weight and one person will go home.

This week all the people in the house will train together and they will train as much as they want.   There are 10 people left so if they each lose 10 lbs there will be no one going home.  Considering each week most people lose under 10 lbs this will be a difficult challenge.

None of the contestants have their own trainers and Jennifer is having a hard time with it.  She is missing Bob.  Bob thinks Vinnie is not working out hard enough, he wants more from him.

This week’s challenge finds players racing through a haunted maze trying to collect as many apples as possible.  The contestants have 10 minutes to complete the challenge.  If they gather 150 lbs. of apples they get a 5lb. advantage.  If they gather 200 lbs. of apples they get a 10 lb. advantage.  However, they must all be out of the maze when the time is up, if they are not they loss any advantage and gain a 5lb. disadvantage.  The team collects over 200lbs. and earn the 10 lb. advantage.

The trainers work out with all ten of the players this week.  Before the team works out with Bob, they play a little trick on him by telling him they ate 10 pounds of candy to earn a 10 pound advantage.  He was furious, until he found out the truth.

There was romance on the ranch this week!!  Ramon and Jessica held hands as they enjoyed a picinic and a few kisses.  Awwww.

Weigh-in Results:

Blue Team

Bonnie (63)          229-1=228

Becky (50)            204-1=203

Black Team

Joe (46)               294-8=286

Antone (44)        377-8=369

Sunny (41)           227+5=232

John(40)             354-10=344  (lost 101 lbs. in 6 weighins breaking the previous record Moses held of 100lbs.)

Jennifer                274-4=270

Red Team

Vinny (27)            372-5=367

Ramon (27)           304-2=302

Jessica (26)           213-4=209

Courtney(25)        237-6=231

Total Weight Loss=38 lbs.

They fell very short of the 90 lbs. not even getting half, so they had to head to the elimination room.  John was the Biggest Loser for the week so he has immunity.

This was the first trip to the elimination room for the black team and after the vote they return with one less player.   Jennifer was sent home to continue her journey.  Since she started on the Biggest Loser she has lost 102 lbs.