The Top Ten Country Voices, According To Blake Shelton

The Top Ten Country Voices, According To Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton will host a special tonight on SiriusXM’s channel The Highway entitled “Blake Shelton’s Top Ten Voices In Country Music.” Now, I dunno’ if y’all are Country music fans (I definitely ain’t), but thought you might be interested in seeing who the chart topping country music singer thought to be the greatest voices in Country music. I’m sure some of you are Country lovers :)

While we don’t know what order Blake will put them in, the radio station did give us all a sneak peek at the list. In alphabetical order, here they are:

Carrie Underwood
Con Hunley
Conway Twitty
Earl Thomas Conley
George Jones
Martina McBride
Miranda Lambert
Reba McEntire
Ronnie Milsap
Travis Tritt

So, what do you think? While I’m not a hardcore fan, I am familiar with all those artists. It’s going to be tough to put them in a countdown. They’re all amazing! If you had to do Blake’s job, what order would you put them in? Input from super hardcore, cowboy hat wearing, rope wranglin’ Country music lovers much appreciated.

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