The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – ‘The Birthday’ 9/15/11

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 1 Recap – 'The Birthday'  9/15/11

Hold on to your seats “The Vampire Diary” fans because tonight is the premiere of Season 3.   Tonight’s episode is called “The Birthday” and it was directed by John Behring and written by Kevin Williamson & Julie Plec.    There were many things that happened during the second season of the show.  Below are a few things you should know before you watch tonight’s episode.

Jeremy died at the end of last season and Bonnie brought him back to life and now Jeremy can see  the ghosts of his dead vampire girlfriends.  Elijah is dead he was stabbed by the white-ash dagger.   But we all know the dagger could be removed and he could come back to life.  Caroline was killed and turned into a vampire and Tyler triggered his werewolf curse.  We found out Klaus is a vampire/werewolf hybrid.  Stefan made a deal with Klaus in order to save Damon from the werewolf bite inflicted on him by Tyler.   As a price for saving Damon, Klaus made Stefan drink blood which brought his dark side out.  We lost many characters: Rose; John Gilbert (Elena’s father); Jenna (Elena’s aunt)

Tonight’s show starts with Klaus coming up to a house and there is a girl who is looking for her dog and he wants to use her phone because he says that his car has died.  She tells him no, she will get the phone and then Klaus compels her.  Klaus comes into the house and there is another women and he tells her he is looking for Ray Sutton.  They tell him they dont know where it is and he tells them if he has to make them tell him it will be more painful.

The girl runs and opens the door and Stefen is there.  She tells them where Ray is and Stefan comes in.  Klaus gives the girl to Stefan and tells him to make her suffer.  Stefan attacks her and bites her.  Klaus leaves the house and we hear the screams.

Over to Elena‘s house she is lying in bed it is the morning of her 18th birthday and she looks upset.  She opens the curtains and wakes up Jeremy who is late for work.   Caroline is planning a birthday party for Elena and she is not thrilled and asks Caroline to keep the party small.  Caroline gives her another lead on Stefan.   Alaric asks if she got Stefan news and she says yet.  Apparently Alaric is sleeping on the couch and doing his best to watch over Elena and Jeremy, while dealing with his grief over Jenna’s death.

Next we are over to Damon in a bubble bath and he is complaining he is out of champagne.  He gets out naked we only get to see the chest up but he is still hot :-)

Over at Elena’s Jeremy walks in covered in bubbles and no clothes.  Elena pretends not too look but peeks.  She tells Damon she has a clue on where Stefen is.  Damon says another dead end.  Elena is upset and says she will go herself, she is excited because it is a new lead and they have not had one in a while.  Damon promises to go check on it.

Over at Mystic Grill  Jeremy is working there now as a summer job.  Bonnie is happy he is working there because it will give him normal in his life.  Jeremy is struggling to understand why he keeps seeing the ghosts of Vicki his dead vampire girlfriend since he was brought back to life by Bonnie‘s magic.

Tyler and Caroline are having lunch and she tells Tyler his mother keeps looking at her and everyone thinks they are dating.

Over at the bar a man walks in looks like it is Ray Sutton (guest star David Gallagher, “Super 8”) the werewolf that Klaus has been looking for.  Klaus walks up to Ray and tells him that his type is very hard to come by he goes to leave and Stefen blocks him.  He tells Ray that Stefen is a vampire and that he (Klaus) is a hybrid.  He tells Ray he needs him to direct him to his pack.  Ray tells him he cannot compel him.   Klaus and Stefen are going to make him drink wolf-bane to get him to tell them where the pack is.

Alaric and Damon are following the clue they got to where Stefan is they are trying to keep Elena from doing anything that would draw Klaus’ attention.   They head into the house that Klaus and Stefan were at and it is a bloody mess.

Over with Elena, Caroline and Tyler.  Tyler tells Elena maybe Damon does not want her to find Stefan.   Caroline is pissed because Tyler is bringing slutty Sophie as a date.  He tells her he is horny and Caroline says her too it is a vampire thing and Tyler tells her it is a werewolf thing he cannot turn it off.  Caroline tells Tyler she hopes he gets lucky.

Back over with Damon and Alaric, Damon is setting the house on fire to cover the tracks then Damon finds a trapdoor opens it up and says ‘What do you know werewolfs’

Over with Klaus, Stefan and Ray they are forcing Ray to drink wolf-bane and have him tied and they are throwing darts at him.  Stefan is torturing Ray and telling him he has to tell Klaus where the wolf pack is.  A girl walks up to Klaus and tells him Damon (Stefan’s brother) is still on their trail.  Klaus is pissed and wants to handle it.   Stefan tells him he will make sure Damon does not bother them anymore.

Back with Elena she is dressed for her birthday and she tells Damon ‘don’t worry I won’t cry.’  Damon tells her she can cry if she wants to.  Damon gives her a present and it is her necklace that she lost.  Damon puts it on her.  I have to say Damon is looking gorgeous all in black yum!

Over at Elena’s birthday party she comes with Damon.  It certainly is a big party and Elena does not look happy.   She reminds Caroline she told her to keep it small.  Jeremy and Matt are smoking a joint.  Matt asks him what is the matter and Jeremy says you do not want to know.  Matt says I know everything.  So Jeremy tells Matt that since he came back to life he sees things.

Matt comes over to wish Elena Happy Birthday and leaves.  Caroline tells Elena that he has driven Matt to drugs.  Elena is upset because Jeremy is smoking marijuana and asks Alaric to talk to him.

Over at the television set the lights go on and blind Andie Starr she screams ‘you are burning my retinas’ (Andie Star is a reporter and Damon‘s kinda girlfriend) and she sees it is Stefan.  She asks Stefan what he is doing they have been looking everywhere for him.  I doubt this is going to end well for Andie.

Back at Elena’s birthday party Caroline is drinking and Tyler is flirting up a storm with Sophie and she does not look happy.  Matt comes up to Caroline and asks how Tyler and her can be friends they are suppose to be mortal enemies.  Tyler and Sophie come over to see Caroline and she compels Sophie (Tyler’s date) to leave.

Elena comes into the room and Caroline is there and she asks no one to come in, Caroline is trying to get away by herself.    Elena is upset and she asks Caroline if they all think she should move on with her life?  She tells Caroline she is not going to give up on Stefan.   Elena says her birthday wish is she wants to know that Stefan is alive.  Caroline apologizes.  Elena looks on the wall of the closet and she sees a map on Damon’s wall and she can see that he has been tracking Klaus and Stefan.

Damon is over at the studio looking for Andie.  He cannot find her, he sees Stefan and Stefan tells him you have to stop following me.  Damon says:  ‘you don’t write, you don’t call’.  Damon tells him he saw the latest things he has done and if he keeps doing what he is doing then he won’t be able to save him.  Stefan tells him he does not want to be saved.  Stefan has Andie up in the air and she calls for Damon and Damon runs to help her from falling,  Stefan stops him and Andie falls and dies.  Damon is upset.  WOW they are really bringing Stefan’s dark side out.   I am not sure how they will be able to redeem him.

Over with Jeremy he sees Matt and asks him what he is doing.  Jeremy offers him a ride and in the car he sees Vickie who says ‘help me’ and then Matt comes in and Vickie is gone.  When he turns on the lights of the car he sees another dead vampire girl.  He turns off the car and tells Matt maybe they should just walk.

Caroline and Tyler are fighting, Tyler is pissed because Caroline made his date leave.  Tyler tells Caroline he tried to date her and she shut him down.  He tells Caroline she needs to be clear, she grabs him and kisses him.   Tyler asks Caroline to leave.

Over with Elena and Damon she is giving Damon hell because he has been tracking Klaus’ victims and has not told her.  She tells Damon they were suppose to be a team.  Damon tells her it is not Klaus’ victims he has been tracking  it is Stefan’s victims.  He tells her to stop looking for Stefan he is gone and not coming back.  At least he is not coming back in Elena’s lifetime.  Stefan is a real ripper now and has been killing people all over the country.

Over with Matt and Jeremy they are eating guess it is an after effect of the weed they were smoking.  Matt asks Jeremy what happened in the car?   Jeremy tells Matt he has been seeing Vickie (Matt’s sister) Jeremy tells him his head is all messed up.

Back over with Klaus and Ray he is still torturing him.  Klaus cuts his wrist and is forcing Ray to drink his blood and then he slits Ray’s throat.  Stefan shows up and Klaus tells him he knew he would be back.  Stefan tells him he does not care about anyone anymore.  Klaus tells him he does not buy it.  He tells him the more blood he drinks the easier it will be too forget.

Over with Elena, Alaric is packing to leave.  He tells Elena he encourages bad behaviour, he is not good to anyone right now.  He tells Elena she is 18 now and she can do it all alone now, she can do it better than him.

Over with Tyler and Caroline they are making out.  Meanwhile,  Damon is upset and is throwing things around.  Stefan walks out of the bar looking very upset, he takes his phone out of his pocket.  Elena is in her room the phone rings it is Stefan calling and she picks up the call and says: Hello, Stefan he does not respond and she says “Stefan if this is you I love you, never let that go’

Over with Caroline and Tyler, Caroline is getting dressed and sneaking out of the house.  His mother surprises her, she turns her back and Tyler’s Mom shoots her with Vervain.  She falls to the floor.

The show is over.  What will happen to Caroline?   What did you think of the show?  Thoughts?