The Voice 6/7/11– A Rapid Fire Recap

The Voice 6/7/11-- A Rapid Fire Recap

The Voice just popped onto my TV (I’m three hours behind most of my fellow CDL writers) with Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton singing a Queen medley. There are sixteen total contestants left competing on the show — most of whom can sing fairly well. Tonight’s show features singers from teams Christina and Shelton.

Team Christina’s Raquel Castro sings Ke$ha’s “Blow.” The judges liked her. Christina said her performance made her want “to jump up and down.” I, however, wasn’t blown away, nor was I thrown out of my seat in excitement.

Team Shelton’s Jared Blake sings Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody.” A high energy performance + a cheezy, intimate moment with his wife in the audience = overall positive comments from the judges. Shelton said that this was “his time.”

Team Christina’s Beverly McClellan sings Melissa Etheridge’s “You’re the Only One.” This lady rocks — I love her. She has a bald head and a bad ass tattoo of a whale on the left side of her neck. Cee Lo said the performance was “full of spirit” and that he just loves, loves, loves her. Shelton said “Daddy likey.” Umm weird. I really, really, really (seriously, I really, really, really) hope America votes for her.

Team Shelton’s Dia Frampton sings Kanye West’s “Heartless.” I like this girl not only because she has a unique voice and can play the piano, but also because she’s a writer. Her coach gave her a standing ovation, and the crowd chanted enthusiastically. Levine said it was “The most refreshing and unique thing I’ve seen on the show so far.” Hopefully her super-super-duper shy nature won’t hinder her chances of winning enough popular votes to stay in the competition.

Team Christina (all four of them) sing with their coach. I really despise the word electrifying (it just sounds super lame to me). But I guess it was sort of, well, electrifying. . .

Team Shelton’s Xenia (apparently she doesn’t have a last name) sings Jessie J’s “Price Tag.” It didn’t wow me like the previous two; the singing was really good, but the performance was lacking for me. The poor thing looked terrified. Her coach hopped up and gave her a hug. All the judges enjoyed it, and Christina said she would “really love listening to an entire album of hers.”

Team Christina’s Lily Elise sings Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Personally, I find this girl annoying. Perhaps it’s because she has two first names. I’m not sure. She actually sang really well and the judges, as always (they never really give negative commentary to anyone), enjoyed it too.

Team Shelton (all four of them) sing with their coach. They sing a Maroon 5 song. Oh, hey Adam Levine!

Team Shelton’s Patrick Thomas sings Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” He sang the song well, and then there was another awkward moment with Christina. She told him that she keeps waiting “for him to take off his pants . . . basically, I’m just waiting for those pants to come off.”

Team Christina’s Frenchie Davis sings David Getta’s “When Loves Takes Over.” For the final performance of the night, there was more positive feedback: Controlled. Poised. Powerful.

And that wraps up the show! Two of my favorites (Dia and Beverly) are on Team Christina, so I have to give tonight’s win to Team Christina (even though your coach tends to make me feel extremely uncomfortable). Sorry Team Shelton :(

If you watched the show, make sure to let us know who your favorite was!