The Winner Of The X Factor USA Could Get More Than $5 Million

The Winner Of The X Factor USA Could Get More Than $5 Million

The contestants on The X Factor USA are suppose to be battling it  out for America’s votes, the XFactor title and a $5 million dollar recording contract.   However, it appears that the $5 million could actually work out to be more money for the winner.  It all depends on how hard the winner works once they are crowned.

TMZ has more: According to the contract, obtained by TMZ, the $5 mil is an “advance” on any earnings the winner brings in from record sales, merchandise sales, the official tour and more … during the 5 years.    But the earnings are not capped at $5 mil — if the performer generates more than $5 mil during the length of the deal, that person will get a cut of the profits. The more they sell, the more they rake in.  And there’s more … the singer is entitled to even more cash for any live performances outside of the official tour — 30% of royalties from each gig — and that money does NOT count toward the original $5 mil.

Meanwhile the Top 5 will be performing live on Wednesday, Dec. 7th in the countdown to the grand finale and we got our hands on a few tidbits for you.  Check out our spoilers for the show here.

The Top Five Finalists Are: Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty, Rachel Crow, Josh Krajcik and Chris Rene .  The competition is getting fierce and it is still anyone’s competition to win.

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  1. White Mandy7 says:

    JOSH, JOSH, JOSH, to win!! He is the REAL DEAL!