Tila Tequila Threatens To Sue Over Her Sex Tape – Refuses To Buy It Back

Tila Tequila Threatens To Sue Over Her Sex Tape - Refuses To Buy It Back

Although Tila Tequila appears to be very upset about her lesbian sex tape being released by Vivid Entertainment,  company owner Steve Hirsch says he gave her the opportunity to buy it back, and she declined.

“I met with Tila last week and she wanted to buy that tape back.  I told her she could for the right price, but she went crazy saying it was too much money and she’d already bought another one back.” Steve said.  “I told her if she’s not happy, then sue me. I have a call in to one of her attorneys, so we’ll see what happens.”

Tila has had success in the past winning the rights back to a sex tape she made with an ex-boyfriend in 2004.  But this is a different story and a different sex tape – “It’s already out and doing very, very well and I expect it to continue to do well,” Hirsch said of the tape titled Tila Tequila Uncorked – a hardcore lesbian threesome that leaves nothing to the imagination.

“It’s really the first all-girl celebrity sex tape so people are really interested in that and Tila is really good, and it shows in the tape.  As a result, the sales have been beyond our expectations.”

In fact, the tape is doing so well that Hirsch said Tila has already joined the ranks of all-time best sellers Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson.  This is not really a surprise since Tila is primarily a porn star, nothing else.  Tila has made the absurd public statement that she is ‘dissapointed that the tape has resurfaced’ but she took responsibility for making it.  If you make a sex tape and sell the rights can you really be disapointed when the tape gets marketed?  Of course not!

“Although this video was not meant for the public to see, I hope that this will not affect my career and that I will continue to work hard at achieving my goals in this industry,” Tila said.  No the tape was meant for the public to BUY, not simply see.
“Sex tapes don’t hurt anyone’s career,” Hirsch explained.

“It could probably be argued that in most cases it’s helped their career.”
In Tila’s case there is no other career.

Image credit to WENN.com