Timothy Dalton To Testify For Oksana Grigorieva Against Mel Gibson

Timothy Dalton To Testify For Oksana Grigorieva Against Mel Gibson

Oksana Grigorieva sent a letter involving Timothy Dalton to her lawyer, Eric George, that reveals damaging evidence against Mel Gibson that should lead to Mel being charged with domestic violence.
In the letter Oksana confessed to ex-lover, Timothy Dalton, that Mel struck and choked her after the concerned James Bond star noticed the mother of his child was bruised.  Oksana told her lawyer that Timothy will testify against Mel in their case, according to the correspondence.
Writing to George on June 3, 2010, Oksana noted “Tim” saw a bruise on her left eye after Mel punched her in the head while she held their daughter Lucia, knocking two veneers off her front teeth.  “Tim saw a bruise on my left eye as well as Mady,” Oksana said, referring also to her facial specialist and Timothy, who is the father of Oksana’s teenage son Alexander.  “Both will testify,” Oksana said.
If Mel is charged, Dalton’s evidence would provide a stunning courtroom confrontation, since Mel was caught on tape unleashing a jealous rant against the British actor.

“Did you get my last message about me being a bad father and Tim being a great dad now?” Mel asked Oksana in one tape, adding: “You didn’t hear that one? Well, you should go f**k him now, you know, you fickle c**t, because I don’t care.”  Oksana’s letter to Eric came a day after she informed him of her plan to walk away from a $15 million settlement and to see “where the chips might fall” in the court battle.
Eighteen days earlier, Eric and his firm had negotiated the deal which was basically hush money in exchange for the destruction of the secretly recorded rants.

Oksana claims in the e-mails, texts and documents all of the following:

  • A furious Gibson once flew from Costa Rica to “spy” on her;
  • During a jealous rage he even accused some of his own friends of hitting on her;
  • She admitted to her dentist Dr. Ross Shelden, who treated her after the January 6 incident, that Gibson attacked her;
  • She told two other doctors she was “hit by a man”;
  • She emailed a lawyer the night Gibson allegedly attacked her;
  • She also telephoned three friends — “Jimmy” and “Alicia and Robert Seidler” — the same night, who advised her to call the police; and
  • She told “Jimmy” that Mel was “threatening to come and kill me”.

Oksana wrote an email to her lawyer, in June last year, detailing the beating Gibson inflicted on her almost immediately after it occurred.  “He hit me in the face with a fist and broke two of my front teeth, as well as he was choking me with his elbow and squishing my face down with the palm of his hand.”   That attorney was Jeff Jacobsen, who is no longer working on Oksana’s case againt Mel.
In her memo to Eric, Oksana said the emails to Jacobsen “prove I was in danger and scared.”  All the detailed emails of the incidents of violence, pictures and all the correspondence, starting the 6th of January is evidence against the violator,” she wrote.

By documenting events soon after they happened, Oksana created powerful evidence supporting her claims that make her a victim of domestic violence, one law enforcement source said.

The memo Oksana sent to Eirc is as follows:

June 3, 2010, 8:54

Hi Eric, pls call me when u can.   just need to write this before I forget.  his is what I found out about the Californias family court.
1. In cases of domestic violence smtimes the court does reward the  nights to the father, but only if it wasn’t physical violence. The
opposition knows that and they din’t want to go to court they were  threattenning me.

2. The violence toward the mother is concidered as violence towards the children in her arms and in the room. That’s 3 of us. They knew it. The judge Black and the judge Romero said to me that was not the case. That’s not true.They weren’t telling me the truth. Why?

3. In our case the physical domestic violence will substantionally deminish the castody from what it is now with out changes for at least a few years.

4. The fact that the father is working and the mother is at home, as full time mo is rewarded with more castody for the mom.

5. The relaitionship has ended becouse of mel’s domestic violence, based on his paranoia gelousy and volotility. He flew from costa rica one time when I was suppose to have finner wth a old friend to spy on me! He was very ashamed. Yelled and aqused many of his friends of absurd gelousy suspition. Many facts.

6. Tim saw a buise on my left eye as well as Mady (the facialist, how asked me what it was and I told her). Both will testify. Facts and

7. Two doctors will testify, show pix of broken teeth and the documentation of concation. I told them both I was hit by a man. I
told the dentist dr. Shelden that it was Mel.

8. On the night of the recording Mel I called Jimmy around or later, I put Mel on the speajer so Jimmy could hear his madness. I told him I was terrifyed in danger and need the place to stay with the baby that mel is threatenning to come and kill me. He told me to come to his place.   Then I called Alecia and Robert Seidler telling them the same thing, they suggested to book me a hotel on their name so he can’t find me.  They all told me to call the police! All of them will testify. It proves that I was in great danger and recorded mel for the evidence. 

9. Everything that I’ve send to Jeff Jacobson immidiately on the same nights as the violence happened, prove I was in danger and scared. All the detailed emailes of the incidents of violence, pictures and all the correspondence, starting the 6 th of January is evidence against the violator. The night of the recording emails to Jeff were showing that I was scared and in fear and danger.  All my correspondence with him is collection of the evidence. Pls call.

If convicted of a felony, the Mel could face up to four years in state prison; if convicted of a misdemeanor, he could face up to one year in county jail.   Either way it is obvious that he is guilty of seriously assaulting Oksana.

Image credit to Craig Williams/ WENN.com