True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 Spellbound Preview Video 8/8/11

True Blood Season 4 Episode 8 Spellbound Preview Video 8/8/11

On last night’s episode of True Blood, A LOT of things went down. Marnie is getting stronger and wants all vampires in Bon Temps to meet the sun….even the ones who aren’t hurting anyone. She’s got Tara on her side, along with an entire revamped coven. Tara is worried, though, because she thought they should be defending themselves.

Bill gives the order that the vampires are to evacuate the city and all remaining vampires are to chain themselves to their beds with silver. For more information on what happened in Bon Temps last night, click here.

We have to wonder now if Alan Ball is trying to lose the viewership that loves Jessica Hamby….because how could he make her meet the sun?!?? HOW COULD HE?!? Still, as we already know, vampires don’t burn up immediately in the sun, so she might still have a chance….right?

Onto next week’s episode… The sneak preview video for next week’s episode, Spellbound, shows Sookie joining forces with Bill in the vampire/witch war. Bill is trying to negotiate with Marnie/Antonia and the Shreveport weres are officially staying out of it.

Check out the preview video:


It looks like next week’s show is going to feature the Eric and Sookie shower scene! I can’t wait! Are you excited? Who do you think will win the war? Do you think they will stop the killing? Or will they fight it out? And if Marnie dies, will her spell on Eric be broken? If so, will Sookie still love pompous Eric?

What do you think?

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  • Nick Sanford

    I’m thinkin’ that those guns they’re pulling on Marnie . . . um, yeah, no good. She can’t be stopped by bullets — she’s the biggest most bad ass evil witch evahhh! My bet is that it’s going to be up to Lafayette to destroy Marnie/Antonia in the end.

    • Anonymous

      Could be, they are not staying with the book so I believe that could be where they are going! R

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