Wanna See Chris Brown Naked?

Wanna See Chris Brown Naked?

Back in May 2009, after nude Rihanna pics leaked onto the web, the hit singer believed her ex Chris Brown had something to do with it.   She in turn threatened to release her own naked pics of the R&B singer as revenge.   Two years later, another ex isn’t afraid to share the goods.

The video is NSFW full frontal nudity and we cannot post them on Celeb Dirty Laundry – but if you wanna get a glimpse of Chris Brown’s peeny go HERE – I warn you it is scary!

According to World Star Hip Hop Brown’s ex decided to drop some steamy bathroom pics of the 22-year-old that had been sent to her via “sext”. The website questions whether or not this new exposure is related to the upcoming release of his new album  F.A.M.E. that will be available on Itunes March 22nd.

Hmm angry ex? Or genius marketing ploy?

(Original picture was removed at request of Chris Brown)

Image credit to STS/WENN.com

9 responses to “Wanna See Chris Brown Naked?”

  1. jamie says:

    obviously rihanna didnt have anything to do with this because chris’s hair is blond. this picture mus be recent

    • Jess says:

      Jamie, Rhianna threatened pictures in 2009…that’s why it says another ex is responsible for it now! Read carefully :)

  2. Bobby Ewing says:

    Its him (Chris Brown) – just like the ones he did with Rihanna

  3. He is Pathetic says:

    Chris Brown released the pictures himself with the ploy of saying it was an ex girlfriend. He just turned blonde a week ago and was talking about his girlfriend Kae. They have not broken up so unless he is a serial cheater, there is no ex but a ignorant marketing ploy to bring attention to his album release and take the attention away from the abuse photos. He has been staging this all week with the paps taking pictures of him holding his peen and talking about his peen in the new video. Pathetic.

  4. WT>>>>Fail says:

    Every preteen parent should hide their children from this self absorbed narcissist that has now resorted to porn to entice young girls and boys. Jeez what complete stupidity.

  5. savanna says:

    Omg. People take things way too serious. I dont see anyone questioning Selena Gomez fat lip. And if u look close she has a slit lip no a cold sore. Wow they think people are stupid. And who the hell cares who put the pic up. Maybe if everyone would stop playing the ” oh poor Rianna” card and putting pics up to remind everyone so this man can get on with his life none of this would be going on. And yes i was beaten so been there done that. But this world needs to get over it. What about 2 ngl plays eith murder rap? Michael Vick? Or better yet one step further Michael Jackson? I loved the man but there is no hiding his past. If u dont like Chris Brown change the station but quit bashing him. Enough is enough already. And who the hell would wanna see “it” if u are a female fan wouldnt it just ruin the whole fantasy? Just saying.

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