Why Celeb Sex Tapes Earn Big Money & Boost Careers

Sex is traditionally a private act between consenting people.  But now many celebs are turning their sex lives into a combination of propaganda, advertising, publicity and narcissism.  When it comes to their sex lives celebs now record it, sit back and watch it, show it to their friends, leak it, and sell it.  The business of sex tapes has become BIG business.   Adult entertainment insiders say that celeb sex tapes are larger earners than the work of even the top porno stars.

Why do celebs take pictures of themselves with their cell phones or other devices and then they ‘mysteriously’ get leaked.  Are the celebs exercising some perverse kind of narcissism or are these sex tapes and pictures created as a record for posterity?

Facts are that humans tend to be enthralled, if not obsessed, with sex.  We are also fascinated by celebrities.  So it’s only to be expected that combining sex and celebrities makes for amazingly popular viewing, however classless and degraded it may be.

In many cases D listed celebs with barely a shred of talent have had enjoyed a meteoric rise to great fame, wealth, notoriety and popularity by simply doing the nasty, having it filmed and getting it out there. Kim Kardashian’s playboy pictures remain the most popular link on our site.  Month after month they continue to attack viewers and to-date they have been visited by over 1 million viewers.

If it weren’t for exposing herself in variety of explicit sexual sex tapes nobody would know the name Tila Tequila.  She churns out hard-core lesbian and straight sex films and yet each time they are released and marketed she that they are released without her permission and she is suing them.  However, further research invariably exposes her as a complete fraud having sold the rights to the films and being well compensated for doing so.

Let us know what you think?  Do you think we are right – is it some perverse kind of narcissism or are these celeb sex tapes and pictures created as a record for posterity?

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