Would You Take Advice From Kate Gosselin On Living Within Your Means?

Would You Take Advice From Kate Gosselin On Living Within Your Means?

Kate Gosselin has a new job….  She is now a blogger for Coupon Cabin.  Ya, because when I think of coupons, saving, and living within my families means the first person I think of is Kate Gosselin……um not so much!  I realize the lady needs to work with eight kids, but her lavish spending habits can’t help.

Here are some examples of her living expenses: Kate has a staff which costs $500,000 per year. She employs two housekeepers, two nannies, an assistant, and bodyguard Steve Neild.  Let’s not forget: her $2,000 hair: this is how much Kate paid last year for a cut, color and Brazilian keratin treatment at Ted Gibson’s NYC salon.  That was just the cost of a single cut! Kate’s family’s resides in a $1.3 million estate and she spends $500,000 on her children’s private school.

I wonder if Coupon Cabin remembers the Jon and Kate Plus Eight episode when Kate went ballistic at Jon for not using a coupon for a sink faucet?   She went crazy and screamed at him and the cameras, “This is annoying; beyond annoying!”  She goes on to tell him she is, “going to shoot him.”

Kate continues her rant by questioning Jon about the receipt and says, “What is the rule about receipts?”  John tries to walk away but she’s in a rage screaming “What is the rule about receipts?” The RULE?   She finishes off with with the endearment,“you’re an idiot and I can’t believe I married you! You’re going back to the store this afternoon!”

Ya Coupon Cabin I hope you realize you haven’t gotten the wisest “saver” on your team, not to mention I know I won’t ever look to her for advice on how to be thrifty!  How about you?  Sound out in the comments below!

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