X Factor’s Rachel Crow To Meet With Disney Execs To Discuss Future

X Factor's Rachel Crow To Meet With Disney Execs To Discuss Future

Rachel Crow may have been voted off the X Factor this past Thursday night, but that doesn’t mean she’s done in the entertainment industry. Far from it, actually. According to TMZ and other news sources around the web, the adorable 13-year-old songstress will meet with Disney executives to discuss future projects.

“Now that she has been eliminated off X-Factor, a general meeting is planned with her and Disney Channel executives soon,” said a representative for the Disney corporation.

While no future projects have been set in stone for the talented lil’ singer, she will supposedly meet with the board of execs sometime before the New Year where they will discuss potential opportunities for her in the realms of TV, radio, and film.

I have a feeling Disney had their eyes on this girl for a while now. They were probably jumping for joy when she was nixed from the show. Can’t you just see her with her own Disney Channel Original Series? I can totally see it, and you know what? I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they led her in that direction.

What are your current feelings/issues/opinions with how X Factor is turning out? I know it’s a popular topic around the internet, so why not hang your dirty laundry to dry on our clothes lines!

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