Amber Lane Speaks About Her Brutal Bullying By Jenelle Evans

Amber Lane Speaks About Her Brutal Bullying By Jenelle Eva

Jenelle Evans is a brutal bully who has made an enterprise out of torturing poor Amber Lane. Amber has spent days crying over the torment that cruel Jenelle has imposed on her. Amber has hit back by suing Jenelle for damage to her property and reputation.

Amber claims that Jenelle threw her own baby’s crib through their apartment window – luckily the babe wasn’t in the crib at the time – and she also trashed a family heirloom. Then the deranged teen mom went to hide in the woods to avoid facing the consequences of her rampage. What brought on Jenelle’s violent outburst was Amber deciding to pick up stakes and move out of the pad they shared. Can you blame Amber?

Jenelle also used Facebook to attack her ex-friend – posting Amber’s phone number on the social media website.

Amber spoke to the Star Print Edition:  “Jenelle is a bully – she got what she deserved going to jail twice in one week on the harassment charges against me and Hannah Inman.”

“I’ve spent days crying over what Jenelle posted about me online – calling me a slut and a whore and reading comments from her thousands of fans saying that I should kill myself.”

Amber and Hannah will have a go at Jenelle this Thursday, Feb 9, as the bully must answer in court to the bullying and harassment charges. Jenelle faces over 2 months in the slammer if she is found guilty.

Amber concludes:  “This is the only way she’ll ever learn.”  “Her bullying techniques are so harsh that she could eventually push someone over the edge to hurt themselves or commit suicide.”

Meanwhile wicked Jenelle is in hospital today getting her tonsils removed. Of course we wish her all the best… .