American Idol 2012 Top 4 Spoilers – What Will They Sing?

American Idol 2012 Top 4 Spoilers – What Will They Sing?

We are down to four hopefuls left on American Idol 2012 and only three weeks left to crowning the winner on May 23rd.  The four Idol hopefuls left are; Hollie Cavanagh, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and all of them couldn’t want it any more than they do.

Last week, Skylar Laine left the competition and unlike Colton Dixon and Elise Testone, Skylar left with a positive and grateful attitude.

This week, the final four will be taking the stage for a “California Dreamin’” themed performance. Idol producer, Nigel Lithgoe announced on Twitter that the contestants first song would be from bands or singers from California and second, songs “I wish I had written” (or FREE choice).

On Thursday, special guest and former Idol 7 winner David Cook will perform his new single, “The Last Song I’ll Write For You” and Judge Jennifer Lopez will be performing that song where her boyfriend gropes her, again, “Dance Again”.

Now considering how much Hollie has been in the bottom two, my guess is that she will probably be the one given the boot. But, I really hope Jessica goes home, she is not ready for this competition and after her embarrassing and awkward performance of “Proud Mary” last week, she should definitely go.  See Jessica’s Proud Mary performance here.

We would love to know what your predictions are, sound off your comments below and tells us who you think deserves to stay and who should be given the boot.

57 responses to “American Idol 2012 Top 4 Spoilers – What Will They Sing?”

  1. Csuyat says:

    You described Jessica’s performance embarassing and awkward.  I won’t judge you on how much you know about singing but I am assuming you’re a song artist or someone who has a wealth of knowlege about songs.  You also judged her base on one embarassing performance as you described.
    You did not touched on Philip who sings like he is constipated.  This makes you obviously a hard core racist.  If you don’t like/hate her, just turn off your TV everytime she performs.  This way you don’t anything negative to post.

    • paulyn says:

       Be sure the writer is much better that Randy, JLO and Steven to give such comment.

  2. lousy rosie leblanc says:

    you’re lousy and crazy rosie.. smh 

  3. chopchop says:

    f*!* you blogger

  4. Fpred777 says:

    you’re full of crap. Bully Jessica to going home. Shut up.

  5. Apparently, you dislike Jessica, but hey I enjoyed Jessica’s  performance and YES specially Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary”. She got rhythm and blues and can move confidently like Tina.  “Proud Mary” is a racy song and Jessica just acted the part. I like her because Jessica is the only one in the AI history who plays with her voice like a musical instrument plus she’s a real “risk taker”. Check her Stuttering and You are so Beautiful. Eliminate Jessica and AI will be boring to watch. I’m looking forward to Jessica’s winning the AI for this season.

  6. Romeoguapito says:

    Sad to say dear writer your prediction will not happen, this write ups will give more head ache because will be on the top, If you dont watch the last wednesday episode, i will repeat what Randy said for Jessica,”this girl  IS IN THE TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD…and now how could you say that Jessica should go, obviously there’s something wrong with your ears, or you just one of those RACIST..maybe yes you are RACIST..

  7. Kiko_kikoman says:

    i think you should go home

  8. lissy says:

    How can you say Jessica is not ready for this competition where she is in fact has the most outstanding talent and the total package among the top 4 now?  You cannot gauge the overall performance on one single performance you have claimed “Proud Mary” is terrible.  WE have our own taste of music and Jessica’s rendition of Proud Mary is absolutely dynamic and entertaining!

  9. Rudy Pataky says:

    Now that Elise was voted off I believe Hollie is the next best singer however, Philip and Sanchez have large fan bases.

  10. Chagrin69 says:

    Rosie, are you drunk????? maybe you should go home and don’t watch american don’t know what your talking about!!! You got to understand something that Hollie & Skylar, they just got lucky to go that far..

  11. Israelcharlene says:

    I don’t think Coltonand Elise left with a less than positive and grateful attitude!

    • Cherubim says:

      I agree that Elise and Colton both have positive attitude and good rapport with people; plus Jessica is one gifted singer, You should be careful with judging people as obviously not everyone share your narrow perspective! Besides all these contestants have talents of their own and the competition is based on voting preference alone not a combination of votes from audience and judges take on performance. To me Jessica does not deserve to go home. She sang Proud Mary and proved she can sing any song…..

  12. coloradosprings says:

    “Last week, Skylar Laine left the competition and unlike Colton Dixon and Elise Testone, Skylar left with a positive and grateful attitude.” Why would you say that Colton and Elise left with an “ungrateful” attitude. I resent your statement and would like you to back it up with examples. That’s irresponsible, not journalism.

  13. At first glance, my impression was that the writer is a teenage girl with no knowledge of the recording industry but I see she is the middle age aunt of the owner of this website. With that said, I will educate her and advise her that she should consider doing some homework before publishing. Firstly Jessica Sanchez is on the “hot list” for most major labels and I should not be typing this but was so just prior to her AI adventure emerged. Akon isnt the only one with a big mouth so; my bad. On that subject Akon;s opinion that Jessica is overqualified for reality TV is one that is also shared by the labels. This has nothing to do with AI’s midwest demographic opinion. In summary, Jessica is the only competitor that has already been granted “pro” status and her contracts are as good as just waiting her signature. Her destiny is sealed. There is a reason for this: She is THAT good and every industry pro already knows it. So in your opinionated bias, Rosie you are quite embarrassing yourself.

    • Rosie says:

      Really, you clearly think you have better judgement than Grammy award winning Randy Jackson, just who is embarrassing themselves?

      • Rosie, my commentary has no reflection of my personal opinion or that of Randy. There is a recording industry comprising of 5 major recording “groups” under which fall several labels each. These labels have exec’s and teams that are in the business of choosing artists that possess talent and global appeal and substantial return for their buck$. AI isnt overly important to them or the thin and narrow demographic that votes on FOX. However, the fact is,  Jessica Sanchez is very important to them and has been for a little while now. To mention Randy Jackson as a factor is a bit immature at this level.

      • You didn’t want the entire show did you Rosie?
         Jackson said of Sanchez: “This girl is on top of the leaderboard right now… Unbelievable!” “There are singers 50 years in the industry that cant do what you do…..soooo PRO!  So good…so good…so good!”

      • LLJ says:


        didn’t “Grammy award winning” Randy Jackson say that Jessica came out ON TOP OF THE LEADERBOARD? so isn’t Randy’s judgement pretty much the same as Marco’s. LOL

        Randy’s “judgement” concerning Jessica:
        “This is the best voice in the whole country”
        “Vote for the BEST (after saving Jessica)”
        “You’re not only one of the best singers in that stage, you’re one of the best singers in the whole competition (as in she’s in the same league as Underwood, Hudson, Daughtry etc)”

        what show have you been watching????? didn’t you hear Randy say that pros who ‘s been singing for 50 years can’t even do some of the stuff that Jessica does. i think you need to buy hearing aids old lady!

      • susan robinson says:

        rosie you are clueless, you white trash!!

      • Ace says:

         One person’s opinion does not make the majority. randy Jackson’s comments are biased at times. Truly, judges embarrass themselves, and it has nothing to do about winning awards.. Rosie , you are a writer, right? Can you please spell correctly too? judgment not judgement!

  14. Jggcg66 says:

    I agree Jessica is not ready she is a great singer but there is no emotional connection to her songs. Also, she can only really do ballads. unfortunately the judges have every one brainwashed into thinking she is the best.

    • schiz0id says:

      what is it about “not connecting to songs” have you watched her perform? does she need to wipe her snot with her hand (like joshua did yuck!) to have “emotional connection”? not necessarily.

  15. paulyn says:

    You must be kidding or there is something wrong with your ears.  If Joshua is the best singer in the competition but  Jesseica is the best singer in America. Of all the remaining 4 Jessica is the best by far. Philip cant sing, he is always in pain I really dont know why. Hollie has a big voice like Jessica but so  learned that she thinks every tone tone of her voice. Yes she is improving but its too late now coz she is far behind Jessica. Joshua is great but I dont like guys screaming. 

  16. Peach says:

    Your post makes no sense at all, bitterness does

  17. Siegerhine says:

    embarassing performance???? well, i saw beyonce on that performance, and i hear tina turner. hows can u say she’s not ready? your article sucks.

  18. AngelikaB says:

    Jessica Sanchez is not ready? She’s the only one in the group that can do that delayed vibrato and can jump several octave with finesse. Do you even know music?

  19. Amy says:

    There is no cure for BITTERNESS! -) To all Jessica haters, good luck.

  20. Jessicasters says:

    I think you should prolly get a new dictionary which will give you the correct definition of ‘awkward’, ’embarassing’, and ‘ready’. I bet you are ‘clueless’ of what you’re saying (and please take note that I’m using the generic meaning of ‘clueless’). Jessica is by far, the most ready out of the top 4! Name it she can sing it! Rap, Uptempo, Ballad, RnB…

  21. USA says:

    very good post.screaming joshua and lounge wanabe singer jessica should leave next.Philip+hollie for the win!!keep voting

  22. Gee2mc says:

    Jessica not ready? What have you been listening to? Are you deaf and blind? Or perhaps you’re one of those who can’t appreciate great singing if it was blaring into your ear? And can you even sing to have such audacity?

  23. LLJ says:

    Jessica should go home rather than Hollie because of her ‘Proud Mary’ performance????


    cuz ‘Jesus Take The Wheel’, ‘Honesty’ and ‘Perfect’ were the best performances on AI yet right? they were just so puuuuurfick and Hollie deserves to be the winner even though she looks and sounds so amateurish the way she’s always taking on songs that are too big for her and forcing everything to make it seem so puuurrrfick instead of letting artistry flow out. rriiiiiighhhhhhhtttttt.

  24. Julian McCormick says:

    You must be out of your mind?  Jessica is the best singer in the competition.  Qualified judges and producers agreed that she is the best singer in America.  Jessica will be in the finale.

  25. ILOVEJESS says:


  26. Julia says:

    I agree that if Jessica doesn’t let us see more of her personality she could be the one.  Her voice is amazing so she will do well but I think the American Public loves the funny witty personality of Phillip (including myself) and Holly has gotten more comfortable with herself and is relaxing and enjoying the ride.  I mean what an opportunity for these kids and that how they need to approach it.  Win the fans and win idol even though a few others might be alittle better voice wise fans enjoy the whole package.  We will see what happens! 

  27. Yikes Rosie, Id consider going back and editing your comments in this article if I were you. Or wait, maybe your smarter than we thought and wrote this $%&# just to create drama. Wow….A.I has taught you a thing or two about how to stir things up….lol…you should go prime-time on FOX!

  28. frustrated says:

    This is one of those writers who bullies young people. What was the basis of Colton and Elise leaving not in a positive and grateful attitude? What was the basis of embarassing performance of Proud Mary? This article is a useless article written by a nonsense writer. What a joke.

  29. Disappointed76 says:

     You really need a life Rosie! From reading your article and your comments, I am scratching my head wondering if we’re watching the same show. What part of Randy Jackson loves Jessica Sanchez don’t you understand? Seriously…watch the show thoroughly and then write an article! I’m tired of these biased articles!

  30. Ian Bourne says:

    Rosie Leblanc is so funny.  Do you really know your music Rosie. pathetic and bias comment. Saying jessica is not ready for the competition is outrageous. Hello rosie, wake up!

  31. jason says:

    Hey rosie, better resign as a writer here.
    pathetic article.
    You better write for bully magazine.

  32. Rosie says:

    Wow, given all the negative and less than “classless” comments about this post, one would think that everyone is in fact NOT entitled to their opinion. Let me explain it as easy as possible, you like tomatoes, I like cucumbers…do you get it? Not everyone likes the same thing, or in this case, the same contestants. I said, in my opinion, that Jessica was not ready for this competition based on her performances, not her singing.  Is she just going to sing and never perform? Being an American Idol is about the ‘whole’ package, now! It’s not about Idol waiting for Jessica to grow up.

    Regarding, Colton – during his last performance the judges, for the first time, did not give him flattering comments to which he said that he didn’t care if he sounded cocky, he really didn’t care what the judges thought. Given that fact that they have more talent in their little pinky than he has in his whole body, that was rude and yes, he should have instead left like Skylar Laine who immediately thanked the judges. 

    Elise Testone left Idol and went right to OK magazine stating that she didn’t learn anything from the judges because she was  already in the business for a long time and “famous” already, really!!! If Elise was so “famous” already, why did she have to audition for American Idol in the first place?  

    I hope that answered all of your questions and please keep in mind that we are all entitled to our opinion, even if you don’t like it! All the best xoxo

  33. guest says:

    hmmmm….classless?  you re-define classless…or more so tasteless!  but then again, you can’t buy taste!!!  you’re either living in another planet or just totally clueless…..jessica has the most amount of views on youtube thatn any of the other 3 contestants left on the show combined…..millions of views and most social media index coverage = fame!!!  hollie is “amateurish”…high school musical at best!  the girl is always “looking for her notes”…she seems to lose her pitch midway through her performances….same with elise.  jessica is a natural and never contrived like hollie….or even joshua….although joshua at least is never out of tune like hollie!  hollie dresses like a prom queen from some midwest farm town….jlo even commented on how the metropolitan areas are more attuned to fashion than timbuktoo, usa!!!  rosie, i would like to see what you look like….perhaps….you are the personification of the unappealing and frustrated!

  34. schiz0id says:

    So you’re making your prediction (and certain despise) of Jessica on Randy’s sole criticisms of her on “Proud Mary’? Wow you are quite myopic. Her rendition is indeed “dynamic and entertaining” and you said the judges were embarrassed, did you even hear Steven and Jennifer’s comments? Clearly not! Your column should be flagged!

  35. joanna says:

    this article is the most thrashy ever written by a trying hard writer.

    rosie, you’re a dolt!

  36. Macky says:

    Oh my god, I think the writer of this blog doesnt know anything about music, sales revenue, technicality of music industry.
    I can say Joshua Ledet and Jessica sanchez are the best contestant this season. they know how to wow the audience and their vocal is amazing.
    Each contestant has their own strengths and oppurtunity.
    You should not judge an artists by a single performance. Each contestants have their own bad nights and maybe you too? right?
    Hollie Cavanagh – One of the favorite this season and always on the bottom 3. AI producers are rooting for her on finale but it will be depends on our vote.
    She always has off tunes every week (THAT IS A FACT) but because of big fan base and good popularity, she always survived the elimination.
    Phillip Phillips – One of the front runner, He has charisma and girls would go crazy on him.
    He can wow the audience but his performances are getting weak every week. There is nothing new on his performances. It’s always the same.
    At the start of the competition, I liked him but I’m getting bored watching him.
    Joshua Ledet – Damn, he is freaking good. No matter what happened, He will have his own album after American Idol.
    However, His performance sometimes is over acting and  bit theatrical. Still a good performances.
    Jessica Sanchez – a girl who knows how to use techniques when singing. vibrato and control is amazing.
    However, She doesnt know how to connect to audience. it seems she is just singing for herself.
    Watch all the collabo , She doesnt have any chemistry on other contestants.
    I’m not sure if AI will pushed for two girls on finale or 1 male and 1 female.
    My predictions: There is a possibility that Joshua Ledet or Phil will be sent home this week and next week.
    I want to see Joshua and Jessica on finale.

  37. Corazon Luna says:

    My friends, chill.  This writer knows the trick. She posted a very controversial (angering if you will) article knowing that  Jessica Sanchez is the most popular or the most talk about with millions of followers around the world. She wants to ride on her popularity. You took the bait ! Rosie could be blasting her butt with series of farts because she could not contain herself from laughing at all of you guys. I could imagine the horns in her forehead growing an inch every time she receives responses from the readers. 

    Don’t worry because the moment Jessica is crowned Season 11 American Idol she would use those horns to plug her enlarge rectum. :)

  38. Corazon Luna says:

    Rosie you wrote this enraging article to invite responses to your article. You are riding into Jessica’s popularity. What a dirty trick. They took the bait. I spat out the worms you harvested  from your stinky butt and will never ever check this rotten website.

  39. Simon Jumski says:

    embarrassing and awkward performance of Proud Mary? I actually thought she did great. Not as good as Tina of course but performing such given with a limited time, Jessica was absolutely amazing. You are such a dumbass, Rosie. I feel sorry for your very bias observation which is very unprofessional.

  40. Pally45 says:

    Jessica’s version of Proud Mary really was bad. However, her fans are just as bad. I want to see her leave just to shut up all you people. It’s sickening. I’m hoping for a Phillip and Hollie finale! Whoo hoo!

  41. Pally45 says:

    Oh this makes so much sense. lol. Rosie can’t be sent home. She’s not even in the competition. Moronic post.

  42. Maxin1969 says:

    I have to agree with Rosie, the rest of you just want to sound like you know something that you really don’t ( Marco Paul Anthony)

  43. Rosie says:

    FYI everyone! Tonight (May 9th) on Idol, Jimmy Lovine, music producer and chairman of Interscope-Geffen-A&M said that last week he “was so disappointed in Jessica’s “Proud Mary” rendition, that he put her in his personal bottom two” Told you….she sucked last week. Who was right?