American Idol’s Best And Worst Winners: List Here

American Idol’s Best And Worst Winners: List Here

American Idol has been running for eleven seasons. It has dominated the television, music and radio industry. It has changed the way we watch music shows, how we choose our favourite music artists and how we control the destinies of future chart toppers. There have been eleven winners in the history of the show and Celeb Dirty Laundry is doing some investigation into which winner is truly the American Idol All Star.

First up we have Kelly Clarkson, the first ever winner of the show, who became a Grammy award winning superstar with multi-platinum single and album sales. Kelly has been taking over the world for the past eleven seasons of American Idol, with no other winner truly able to trump her in sales and worldwide appeal. She currently holds the second spot for the most post AI sales.

Ruben Studdard, the disappointing giant, was the second ever winner. His first two albums were the only ones which truly made an impact. In December of 2007 he was dropped by his record label, J Records, but he still remains signed to Team 19. American Idol was still in her infancy phase with the second season, but brought in the viewership by the record breaking millions. He currently holds the 6th spot in post AI sales. The crazed hysterical Fantasia Barrino came third and somewhat lived up to expectations with her first and second album reaching platinum and gold, respectively. She currently holds the 5th spot in post AI sales

Carrie Underwoods win signaled a change in the American Idol future, with Carrie becoming the most successful Idol in the show’s history. Carrie’s first album, Some Hearts went platinum seven times and she’s garnered a smattering of awards in her short career. She currently holds the number 1 spot in post AI sales

Taylor Hicks stands out as one of the biggest failures in Idol history, with only his debut post-American Idol album reaching gold. He parted ways with the record company and ended up selling only 52 000 copies of his second, independent album. His compilation album, Early Works, sold no more than 4, 400 copies in the US. Jordin Sparks and David Cook followed up as the winners of season six and season seven, with their albums reaching average sales in the US, both currently standing in 10th and 7th spots, respectively, post Idol sales. Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze won season eight and nine, with Kris and Lee being two of the lowest post AI sales winners, ever. Scotty McCreery won season 10 and has achieved platinum status for his debut album. He holds the 12th spot in post AI sales. Philip Phillips being the latest winner broke records with the second biggest AI coronation single sales in Idol history.

Our vote is for Carrie Underwood and Kelly Clarkson. What do you think readers? Who should call it quits, Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze? Let us know in the comments who should be crowned as the American Idol All Star.

12 responses to “American Idol’s Best And Worst Winners: List Here”

  1. Bigsherm15 says:

    I am SOOO tired of people saying that Carrie underwood has outsold Kelly Clarkson…. Kelly has sold more than 20 million albums…Carrie has not. Carrie has sold roughly a million more than Kelly stateside but her TOTAL sales are less.Facts please….

    • Renier says:

      As of the writing of this article, Carrie Underwood has sold 13 131 000 and Kelly has only sold 11 562 000, so this makes Carrie Underwood the biggest album seller in the US. 

      • Eli says:

        And as person -NOT AMERICAN- I can tell you, Kelly Clarkson is the BEST SELLER in the whole world… What’s wrong with recognizes that?!? Why in U.S not recognize her sales?! 

        • Renier says:

          I am also NOT AMERICAN and I know Kelly Clarkson is an amazing singer and an excellent seller, but this article is based on US sales ALONE. 

    • Elba425 says:

      carrie underwood is the most successful idol overall, remember she made only 4 albums but still sold more than kelly, its unfair if you count international the mere fact that Carrie havent release in international market to be fair you have to wait Carrie establish to international market, so as of now about the US release to have a fair contest,ok

  2. Awesome Carrie its the most talented and most  successful American Idol winner ever ! . I like Kelly to! she deserves the second spot ! :)

  3. Renier says:

    I did not refer to Taylor Hicks’ life as having failed, but to his post Idol career in the music industry. I know many people in the industry do not sell records or make charts, but as American Idol is solely focused on a post BILLBOARD career, Taylor did not do so well. It’s fine that he makes more money than I do, but he is still seen as one of the worst winners in Idol history, up there along with Kris Allen and Lee Dewyze.

  4. ToEachHisOwn says:

    If you are talking about album sales, the effort in promoting affect the results. Some of the winners may not have been as well promoted as others. Success should not be based on album sales alone. Being American idol finalist give name recognition. Success is for the long haul and nobody should be written off so soon.

    • Renier says:

      I completely agree with you, but this article is solely based on sales. Nothing more, nothing less.

  5. Renier says:

    Okay, Leonard. Yes, make this a race thing. Explain to me how I can not like black people if I am a South African and grew up in South Africa and some of my best friends are black people? Don’t make this a race thing.

  6. Ligia says:

    but i mean nobody knows who´s carrie outside the US and Kelly es known worldwide!

  7. Hefernanwill says:

    Kelly sold over 20 million albums worldwide, Carrie only 14 million worldwide, yes Carrie is more popular in the U.S. but it is so much harder to become popular in the world and Kelly is the only idol that has been on idol, the voice, the x factor both versions, dancing with the stars two times, and has her own show overall Kelly is the most successful and she has the best voice if they had a idol competition between all idol winners Kelly would win in a heartbeat she is the original and no one can take that away