Angelina Jolie Excluded As Brad Pitt Takes Charge Of Wedding Plans

Angelina Jolie Excluded As Brad Pitt Takes Charge Of Wedding Plans

Brad Pitt has assumed responsibility for planning his wedding to Angelina Jolie.  Brad loves to dabble in architecture and his organized mind seems well suited to handle the logistics of the couple’s multi-million-dollar gala event.

Brad intends to marry Angelina at their palatial estate in the South of France and he is getting involved in every aspect of the event as he wants the nuptials to be perfect.

A source for Grazia Mag explains: “Brad’s been doing extensive renovation on the house and is using a specialist in chateau restoration.”

“Brad’s spent over $15 million already. Now he’s offering hefty bonuses to workers to complete it by summer. He’s even trying to organize an airplane landing site in the grounds for guests to come in by private jet – but that’s proving rather tricky, what with permits and no-fly zones.”

Brad wants all the food and drink for the reception to be locally produced and has been very involved with the menu. The source added: “Brad’s been asking all the locals if they’ll be able to source produce from the local area for the reception. It’s certainly going to be a moment in local history.”

“Brad’s been tasting and looking up French dishes for weeks. He wants the perfect menu and, of course, the perfect wine to accompany it. That is all going to be locally sourced, too.”

Brad has also asked Angelina’s brother James Haven to officiate the ceremony as minister. The source continued: “Brad thought it would be a nice touch to ask James to conduct the ceremony.”

The guest list remains somewhat of a mystery.  The big question as far as the gossip world is concerned is whether Jennifer Aniston will get an invite.   My guess is that Angelina will definitely want Jen there so she can gloat.  What do you think?  Let us know in the comments below.

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