Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring Too Big And Falls Off As She Starves Herself

Angelina Jolie’s Engagement Ring Too Big And Falls Off As She Starves Herself

Brad Pitt is terrified that Angelina Jolie will starve herself to death if she doesn’t start eating again.  Angelina’s hair is falling out in clumps and her engagement ring is already too big and falling off her finger.  This is due to Angelina tightening the screws on her already fastidious eating regimen in order to appear ‘model thin’ in her eponymous role in Maleficent.

Poor Angelina feels terribly insecure if she is not as skinny as rail and is ignoring the increasing toll this takes on her health.  Brad has even given Angelina an ultimatum – gain 10 pounds before the wedding or else…  Angelina told Brad to forget about it – she now weighs under 100 pounds at 5’ 7” and is determined to lose still more weight!  A close friend says: “She wants to show everyone that she’s the hottest A-list actress in Hollywood at any cost.”

The GLOBE Print Edition, May 7th tells the story:

Angelina reportedly wants to look her skinny best when she begins filming Maleficent, the title role in a sleeping beauty movie, in June. “She’s determined to stay slim for this movie,” says a source, “but the truth is she looks skeletal.”

Angelina let the world know that she and Brad were finally going to tie the knot when she sported a massive 16-karat white gold emerald-cut diamond sparkler while visiting L. A.’s museum of art with son Pax on April 11.

But the real shockers were the spindly delete legs and skeletal arms.

“Her engagement ring is already loose on her finger,” says a friend. “Brad gave it to her at Christmas and it’s fallen off on several occasions.”

“She’s lost at least another 5 pounds and Brad told her enough is enough.”

But the Benjamin Button actor’s pleas are falling on deaf ears, reveals the insider.

 “She doesn’t eat any processed foods – nuts and organic vegetables are her main staple,” says the pal.

“She often just forgets meals and rarely consumes more than 1000 calories a day”

Friends say Brad, who has taken a year off from movie-making to organize the wedding and watch the kids is “desperately worried.”

“Brad’s noticed her hair is a lot thinner and clumps will fall out in his hands,” says a friend.

“She’s also tired all the time and he knows she can’t carry on like this for much longer.”

But Angie is determined to be stick-thin when filming starts in June.  “She doesn’t see the problem,” adds a friend. “She insists she feels really fine and that she gets a real confidence boost knowing she’s model-thin.”

Truly a sad story – Angelina is messed up and it shows.  Yet she remains an ‘icon’ of sorts – at least to the simple minded.  It is people like her that set the wrong sort of example – she is all about appearance.  Angelina optimizes the modern creed in which success has replaced virtue as most worthy of admiration.

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