Arrow Season 1 Episode 6 “Legacies” Recap 11/14/12

Arrow Season 1 Episode 6 “Legacies” Recap 11/14/12

Tonight is an all new episode of the CW’s ARROW called “Legacies.” If you have not watched the show – the show focuses on Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell), a once-spoiled celebrity brat who finds himself stranded on an island — where he’s forced to weather the elements for nearly five years. Castaway style. The show begins with his rescue and, soon, the world that’s slowly faded away over the years welcomes him home with open arms. But many things have changed since his disappearance, including his mother marrying his father’s business partner. He’s also haunted by the chilly memories of his terrifying time on the island — memories he can’t run away from. He comes back a changed man. Oh, and he also brings back some badass martial arts moves, impeccable bow skills, and a particular love for green hoodie-things.

On last week’s show After Detective Lance arrested Oliver for murder, Oliver told Moira the only lawyer he’ll allow to represent him is Laurel. Laurel took the case which put her at odds with her father. Oliver offered to take a polygraph in front Detective Lance but things got tense when Lance asked him if anyone else was on the island with him. Oliver flashes back to when he got his first scar, courtesy of Deathstroke.

On tonight’s show the Royal Flush Gang invades Starling City – A gang of bank robbers, dubbed The Royal Flush Gang, hits a local bank and seriously wounds an off-duty police officer during a heist. Diggle tells Oliver he needs to deviate from his father’s list and start helping the citizens of Starling City. Meanwhile, Tommy asks Thea for relationship advice, but things get awkward when she realizes he was asking about Laurel. Moira confronts Oliver about all of his recent disappearances in the middle of family functions. John Behring directed the episode written by Moira Kirland & Marc Guggenheim.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another great episode, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the CW’s Arrow – tonight at 8PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know if you are excited about the season 1 episode 6 of Arrow?

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We open with a bank robbery by a gang in white masks emblazoned with playing card symbols. There’s an undercover cop on site who tries to pull an ankle gun and is shot twice. All of the hostages run out of the bank and we see they’re in similar masks. In the vault, the cops find a hole dug. They make their getaway into a van and speed away.

Oliver and his new partner in fighting crime John are sparring. John wants to go after the bank robbers, but Oliver is interested in pursuing the next guy from his list. Oliver tells John he doesn’t fight street crime – he’s after the big guys on his list. He asks John if he expects him to stop all the crime and tells him he’s not a hero.

We get a flashback to the island with Oliver pulling pages from the notebook to feed the feeble fire. He hallucinates that his Dad back from the dead.

Tommy comes to hit on Laurel at her office and she rebuffs him – frantic that her legal aid service has lost its biggest donor.

Moira tells her kids they have to attend brunch with the Bowens. Oliver teases Thea about crushing on their son Carter and she’s annoyed.

John calls to tell him Scott Morgan – the next name on the list – tried to kill himself.  Tommy comes to see Oliver to show off his sports car, but Oliver bails on him. He asks Thea for advice about courting Laurel, but doesn’t use her name, so Thea maybe thinks that he was talking about her. That will be awkward later, I’m sure.

At the hospital, Oliver and John discuss that Morgan doesn’t seem like a suicide. They’re unloading a patient from the hospital – it’s the cop that was shot down – and John tells his wife that she should thank Oliver since he’s paying for the treatment. Turns out, John lied, Morgan didn’t tried to off himself and he lured him down there to get him to see the cop fighting for his life so he’d agree to go after the bank robbers. Which he does… Aww, what a hero!

Oliver and John review the bank video and notice a class ring on one of the perps. Oliver thinks the police will have a better shot of it and sneaks in to the station to steal a copy of it.

Next day, Laurel comes in to find Tommy at her office and he’s offering to host a fundraiser for her legal aid office. She refuses, but then her best friend talks sense into her even though Laurel thinks he’s just trying to get into her pants. She semi-politely thanks him and agrees.

They look at the photo of the ring imprint on the face of the bank manager that he punched. It’s a Larchmont high school ring. They determine that it was a family that robbed the bank.

Oliver runs late to the required brunch as they are asking about step-dad Walter. Moira makes an excuse and Oliver’s late entry overs the awkward pause. Carter, a neurosurgeon, is now an author and has an agent – he references Dr. Oz, which Oliver thinks is a reference to the Wizard of… Thea begs him to start reading Us Weekly.

John interrupts to tell Oliver that the First Bank of Starling is being robbed at that moment. Moira’s angry, but Oliver tells her something’s come up. He and John think they know where the robbers will try to make their getaway and lie in wait.

The robbers get in a gun battle with cops and Oliver and John are there as backup. Oliver shoots a couple of them but saves the money. When the cops try to focus on him, he shoots out the lights so he can hide. The rest of the gang gets away but you can’t yet tell if Oliver wounded or was able to kill one of the crime family.

The robber family argues – looks like Oliver missed all of them with his super duper arrows. They’re upset that the hood vigilante showed up and lost them their ill-gotten booty.

John and Oliver are at Queen Enterprises having a security gal look up Derek Reston – the bank robber whose ring they found. Oliver finds out that Derek once worked for Queen Steel and that he was laid off when his dad moved operations to China. She tells them that a great number of steel workers lost their homes when they lost their jobs.

Oliver’s back in his island hallucination. He tells his ghost dad that he’s starving and that he won’t survive because he’s not as strong as he was. He’s got one bullet left in the gun and holds it to his head.

Oliver tells John he’s going to give Derek a chance to come clean since his Dad did their family wrong. John strongly disagrees because they shot a cop.

Laurel and Tommy talk about the benefit and she wants to know why he’s pursuing her. He tells her he’s tired of going home with random women and partying. He tells her he remembers when they were together and he would cook her omelets. He told her he’s never felt that way with anyone else and that he misses her. She looks thoughtful – but we know she’s crushing on the hooded vigilante. Girls love a superhero.

Oliver shows up at a bar where the Reston’s hang out. Derek tells him the last time he saw Oliver’s dad he was giving them a speech reassuring them that the factory wouldn’t close but that a week later he was jobless and didn’t even get his vacation pay.

Oliver gives him a strongly worded warning about doing the right thing and last chances. Oliver offers him an apology and a job. Derek tells him he has pride left and doesn’t need charity from the son of the man who screwed him over. Oliver leaves him a business card and says they’re both dealing with the consequences of his father’s actions, but that what they do now is on them.

Oliver’s eavesdropping on the family and the mom and dad want to quit and take Oliver’s job offer, but their son Kyle insists he won’t quit without one more score. They finally agree to pull one last job. John and Oliver plan to take them down.

Ooh and BTW’s, I looked up the robber gang from this episode and they’re called “The Royal Flush Gang.” They appeared in various incarnations in DC Comics – the first group fought the Justice League, the second fought Green Lantern and the third Superman. It wasn’t until the Justice League crossed over with the Avengers that they fought Green Arrow. There’s your comic book trivia for the night!

Back to the episode, we’re at the benefit for Laurel’s legal aid society. Thea is there and Tommy thanks her for the advice – she figures out he was talking about Laurel all along and is less than thrilled. She chugs a glass of wine – even though she’s underage.

Carter Bowen is at the benefit and charms Laurel away from Tommy who’s not happy either. Oliver and his mom have a mini-confrontation at the benefit and she tells him how hurt she is that he doesn’t want to be with her. Just then John arrives to tell him the game is again afoot and he tells her he has to go. Moira is understandably angry – but how sorry can we feel for her when I think she’s the one who blew up their boat to begin with?

The Royal Flush Gang is robbing their final bank – they chloroform the guard and break into the vault. They hear a noise and it’s Arrow there to thwart them. He shoots one but he blocks it with a shield and comes after Oliver. The guard comes to and gets his shotgun – he shoots Derek in the chest and he’s rapidly bleeding out – Oliver sends him to call an ambulance. Kyle is knocked out. Oliver reveals himself to Derek as he’s dying. Derek says it’s his fault, that he made Kyle into a criminal.

Flashback and Oliver tries to shoot himself, but the gun isn’t real. He and ghost Dad continue their confab and Dad tells him he has to survive to right the wrongs he’s done.

The police show up at the bank and find Derek dead. Looks like the rest of the family may have gotten away, as did Oliver.

Back at the benefit, Thea’s tipsy and hitting on Tommy. He tells her she’s like his sister – a baby sister at that. She tells him Laurel isn’t into him and she is. She tells him his rejection made it clear to her, but that she’s accustomed to rejection from Oliver and her Mom.

Tommy takes Thea outside to vomit and Laurel comes to check on them. He tells her to go back to Carter and Laurel reveals she only danced and flirted with him because he wrote a big check and that he’s actually an ass. Tommy’s leaving to take Thea home and Laurel gives him a quick smooch and says she owes him a dance. In the car, Thea asks Tommy not to hate her and he says never.

Back in the Arrow lair, John tells Oliver it wasn’t his fault that Derek died. He’s not certain. John tells him that his Dad would have been proud of the way he tried to help the Restons. He tells Oliver there’s more than one way to help the city. He also tells him the cop pulled through.

Flashback to Oliver in the cave. He wakes up and starts to feed another blank page of his Dad’s notebook in the fire. He notices when he holds it up to the flames that a list of names appears. He starts to get his act together. Wonder how many names he tossed in the flame that need some Arrow justice?

Back at casa Queen, Oliver finds his mother drinking. She misses her hubby. She apologizes for being unkind at the party. He tells her it’s okay and she admits that she’s lonely. She tells him she misses talking to him. He tells her he misses her too. He says “I wish that…” but never finishes. Instead he takes her out for milkshakes and burgers.