Bachelor Pad 3 Most Controversial Cast Yet!

Bachelor Pad 3 Most Controversial Cast Yet!

The new cast of “The Bachelor Pad 3” was announced and if you thought Vienna Girardi and Jake Pavelka stirred up the pad, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The nastiest of “The Bachelorette” contestants, who just so happened to get told to “get the f*uck out of here” by Emily Maynard last week, Kalon McMahon is going to the pad and if any of them girls are looking for Mr. Right to settle down with, they better think again because Kalon considers children to be “baggage”.

Remember Ed Swiderski? He was the winner of season five “The Bachelorette” and professed his love to Jillian Harris, their engagement ended in 2010, so he is making another try at finding the love of his life.

A lot of fans are angry that Michael Stagliano is back because he won last year’s “The Bachelor Pad 2”. You got to sit back and wonder if this guy has a life or is really just obsessed at being a famewhore! Apparently, Michael is back because he was caught up with winning last year and didn’t enjoy himself, big deal, like we care!

Erica Rose is back with her tiara, she’s the heiress that had the three-some with Jake and Vienna in Vegas.

Now in addition to these contestants, there are a whole lot more:

Ryan Hoag (Bachelorette season 4, DeAnna Pappas)
Nick Peterson (Bachelorette season 7, Ashley Hebert)
Tony Pieper (Bachelorette season 8, Emily Maynard)
Lindzi Cox (Bachelor season 16, Ben Flajnik)
Blakely Jones (Bachelor season 16, Ben Flajnik)
Sarah Newlon (Bachelor, Season 11, Brad Womack)
Jamie Otis (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik)
Jaclyn Swartz (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik)
Rachel Trueheart (Bachelor, Season 16, Ben Flajnik)

Now for a few more surprises, five “super fans,” will be added to the cast and move into the “The Bachelor Pad 3” mansion for a chance to win $250.000.00, they are: twin sisters Brittany and Erica Taltos, Paige Vigil, Donna Zitelli, Chris Bain and David Mallet.

One final contestant will be added, but he’s a little busy right now because he is still vying to win Emily Marynard’s hand, but that will end soon enough and he will be heading into the mansion as well.

“The Bachelor Pad 3” is back on Monday, July 23rd with a two-hour season premiere at 8pm, so don’t forget to come back right here to Celebrity Dirty Laundry for all the gossip, dirt, blowups, backstabbing and lots of sex!