Big Brother 14 Week 4 Episode 12 ‘PoV Competition’ Recap 8/8/12

Big Brother 14 Week 4 Episode 12 'PoV Competition' Recap 8/8/12

Tonight is another new episode of Big Brother 14 on CBS. Tonight we will get to see the PoV competition played out and find out if either Wil or Frank will be taken off the elimination block. If you can’t wait for tonight’s episode and want the scoop, you can read our awesome spoilers here.

Last week, Julie Chen announced the results of America’s vote to allow the coaches to enter the game as players, it was a yes. Each coach went into the diary room and if even one of them pressed this red button, they were in. Britney pressed the button first, Boogie was the only one that didn’t want to enter the game as a player, but he was forced to with the other coaches.

Lucky for Joe and Frank, America’s vote reset the game; that meant they were saved from eviction and outgoing HOH Shane got to play again to be this week’s HoH.

Danielle ended up winning the HoH in a grueling endurance competition and with that came the responsibility of putting up two players for eviction, she choose to put up Frank and Wil.

Tonight the POV competition will bring on a huge turn of power in the house when one of the coaches finds themselves in trouble; you won’t want to miss this episode.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8:00pm with the PoV competition, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see who wins the PoV and for all the drama to be played out when the house’s power shifts.

RECAP: Wil is not happy about his nomination and what is he thinking about Danielle, “all good southern girls go to heaven, all bad southern bells go to hell”.

Dan and Janelle are strategizing and Janelle doesn’t understand why Boogie is so attached to Frank.

Dan pulls Boogie in the storage room for a talk, he asks Boogie if he is pissed with him and Boogie says yes because he feels like a lot is going on behind his back. Dan wants Boogie to cut Frank and to work with him instead.

Meanwhile, Ian is ready to jump ship from his alliance and join up with Brittney and Dan.

Time to choose who is going to play in the Veto competition, as HOH, Danielle picks first and it’s Shane. Frank picks Jen, Wil picks Ian. Danielle announces the host for the competition, Dan.

The house guests are starting to turn on Janelle, one minute she tells everyone she wants Frank out of the house and the next Britney catches her in the bathroom talking game with Frank.

The VETO competition is called “Field of Veto” and it’s a baseball game that includes prizes. In the first round, Shane is out, then Wil, Jenn, Ian, Shane and Danielle is last.

In the end, the prizes are; Frank has the ‘spiritard’ that is purple with a skirt and pom poms, Ian has to be a dog for 24 hours which includes a dog bowl and doghouse to sleep in, Jen wins a Maui vacation, Wil wins five thousand dollars and Shane wins an ‘auto-play Veto’ card, to use later on. Danielle wins the best prize this week, the POV.

It’s bizarre to see Ian in a dog house, but he does look adorable. Ian is ready to solidify is new alliance and tells Britney and Dan that he will do whatever they want. Dan is excited about Ian joining them and wants to go all the way with Ian.

Boogie goes into the HOH room to visit Danielle and tells her that she should put up a really, really dangerous player in this game; Janelle. Danielle is excited about the idea, she has all the power and why shouldn’t she take out one of the strongest players in the game. Boogie moves on to Dan next and plants the seed of sending Janelle packing. Britney and Janelle walk in and Janelle tries to align with Boogie but he tells her flat out that he doesn’t trust her. Boogie puts Janelle on the spot and tells her to send one of her players home to prove herself that she is serious about an alliance with the coaches, Janelle is speechless, she won’t do it.

Janelle’s refusal to put up one of her players shows Dan that she can’t be trusted, Boogie gets one more person that now wants Janelle out.

Time for the Veto meeting, Danielle decides to use the POV to save Wil and she puts up Janelle. Britney is a great actress, she looks straight at Janelle in completely shock like she knew nothing about this.

Don’t forget to come back to CDL tomorrow night to find out if either Frank or Janelle are going home.

The End!