Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 4 “Blue Bell Boy” Recap 10/7/12

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 4 "Blue Bell Boy" Recap 10/7/12

Tonight on HBO is an all new episode of Boardwalk Empire called “Blue Bell Boy.” On tonight’s show With Johnny Torrio out of town, Al Capone takes matters into his own hands in the escalating feud with rival Chicago mobster Dean O’Banion. If you missed last week’s premiere episode called “Bone For Tuna”, we have a full and detailed recap here for you!

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 3 episode 4 episode of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

On last week’s show disturbed by a recent nightmare and Billie’s absence, Nucky reluctantly joined Margaret to receive a high honor from the Church. Meanwhile, Gyp made a deal with Nucky for a onetime liquor shipment, though the mobster’s longtime intentions remained very much up in the air. Van Alden regretted trying to socialize with his co-workers; Margaret took her women’s-clinic pitch to a higher authority; Lucky and Meyer protected their investments; Richard set the record straight with Mickey, and with Nucky.

HBO’s official synopsis of tonight’s show: With Johnny Torrio out of town, Al Capone takes matters into his own hands in the escalating feud with rival Chicago mobster Dean O’Banion. Meanwhile, in Atlantic City, Nucky and Owen find themselves in an unexpected holding pattern in a makeshift warehouse for illegal booze, but Eli doesn’t trust Mickey’s judgment on a liquor delivery for Arnold Rothstein in the boss’ absence; and in New York, a nervous Luciano is called to a meeting with Joe Masseria.

On tonight’s show it looks like Nucky is not exactly pleased with Owen.  Nucky wants to know what is being done about Roland Smith.  Roland was Nate’s wheel man, who robbed Nucky’s liquor warehouse.  Owen looks a bit confused, out of character for Owen, and he informs Nucky that the job was left to Manny Horwitz. (We know Manny is dead) Nucky is not pleased with Owen and asks him if he has to start checking his work.  Meanwhile Nucky’s brother Eli watches the exchange.  Owen assures him it won’t happen again.


It looks like tonight is going to be an explosive one.  Al Capone is back and the opening scene of the preview clip shows Al going, “Shhhhhh!”  In Chicago, Al’s feud with OBanion heats up when one of his collectors gets roughed up on the South Side. Lucky haggles with Joe Masseria over heroin splits.  The gangsters are trying to figure out what to do about Joe Masseria.  Meanwhile Nucky, Owen and Eli look like they are having problems with Gyp again in Tabor Heights.  Rothstein is fuming his liquor shipment has been delayed and he wants what he paid for.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another action packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Episode 4 — tonight at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what you think of Boardwalk Empire season 3, so far!

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens with the phone ringing and Owen in bed with Katie having sex.  Katie picks up the phone and it is Nucky.  Nucky tells Owen to read the paper and meet him at Micky’s.

Owen tells Katie he has to go because Nucky is in bad humor, again.  Katie tells him then it won’t matter if he is late and they stay in bed.

In Chicago with Al Capone – he wants to know why his sons is not at school.  Apparently he has a belly ache, Al looks at his son and he has a bruise on his cheek.  Al’s wife tells him a bully did it at school.  Al tells his wife that their son needs to toughen up.

Nucky walks into his warehouse and he tells his employees that their contact, the sheriff at Tabor Heights has died and it was Gyp who did the killing.  He lets them know they must use the back roads from now on. Mickey is not pleased because it is cold and it is full of ice.  Nucky asks Owen what is being done about Roland Smith the wheel man for Nate who robbed their warehouse.  He reprimands Owen and tells him to get to work, he does not want to have to check up on him.

Eli asks to speak to Nucky he wants to talk about Gyp.  He wants to earn, Nucky tells him allowing him to go to jail is the last gift he will ever give him and brushes him off.

At the hospital the nun is not happy about the things the doctor will speak about to the women at the women’s clinic.  Apparently the sister has a problem with the word “vagina”, then she has a problem with the word menstruation and pregnancy.  Furthermore, the nun will be attending the session to make sure the proper words are used.  The nun sees a package of Kotex and she is not pleased. Margaret offers her some.

Nucky and Owen stop the car , the Fed Agent on the take tells them that the house they stopped at is where Roland Smith is.  Nucky, Owen and his muscle go in the house and it is filled with cases of alcohol.  Owen tells Nucky to call him when Roland gets there, Nucky tells Owen he can take care of it himself.  Nucky tells Owen off again, he wants to be there when Rolland comes back.

At the Kinnery Lounge in Tabor Heights  Eli is asking a Sheriff Ramsey about the Sheriff that Gyp burned.  The sheriff tells Mickey they are taking care of it. Mickey tells him they have a load coming through and the Sheriff tells them it will be okay.  Eli does not like it, Nucky told them not to go through town.

Al Capone gets a postcard from Johnny Torrio he is in Naples.  Jake gives Al his collections.  Al rags on Jake about his personal hygiene.

Owen is sitting talking to a man while he waits for Roland Smith to get back.  All of a sudden a buy walks in and Owen puts a gun to his head and tells him not to move.  The boy asks if they are friends of his folks.  Owen calls Nucky.

Gyp is planning with his boys how they are offloading alcohol.  He is at Tabor Heights – he takes some time to flirt with the waitress.

Nucky has gotten to the house where Roland Smith is being held.  Roland will be 16 next month, or so he says.  The kid tries to charm Nucky but it fails.  The boys says he did not think Nucky would mind if he robbed him.  He tells him he also stole from Waxy Gordon, who is a crook.  Owen asks Nucky what he wants to happen.  Nucky offers Roland a cigarette.  Someone pulls up to the house, there are many men with guns.  They are men from Philly who have been following Roland, men from Waxy Gordon who are there to kill Roland too.

Nucky, Owen and Roland head to the basement to hide, they are totally outnumbered.

Joe Miller is at the bar and introduces himself to Jake, Johnny Torrio’s man.  Joe accuses Jake of calling Dino OBanion a liar.  Joe beats the crap out of Jake and insults him telling him he stinks.

Back at the house where Nucky, Owen and Roland are hiding they men are loading up the alcohol in trucks.  Nucky is impatient because the men are taking their time and he is worried they will come in the basement and look and discover them.

Roland starts to give Nucky some of his wisdom as he sees it.  Roland tells Owen that the feds got his partner Nate.  They hear a voice from upstairs and the men are going to check the cellar where they are hiding.

In New York City Bennie is cutting one part laxatives in the heroin.  Lucky comes in to talk to Lanksy and Bennie wants to stay,  Lansky tells him no way.  Lucky tells Lansky he has been summoned by Joe Masseria.  Lansky does not want to have to negotiate with Masseria but Lucky tells him they have to.  Lansky tells him to offer 2 and take 5.

 The sheriff and deputies are talking in Tabor Heights.  It looks like something is going down tonight.

Al is trying to get his son to hit him, he is trying to show him how to punch.  Al’s son get so upset he does not want to hit Al and he starts crying.

Eli is trying to find Nucky and he cannot.  He tells Mickey that he would not do it, he would not go through Tabor Heights.  Micky tells Eli he is in charge and to mind his business.

Back at the house where Nucky, Owen and Roland are held up they are still waiting for the men to leave.  Nucky could not sleep while they waited.  Nucky asks Owen if he is dissatisfied working for him.  Owen gave him a buls*t story and finally admits he is loyal to Nucky because he pays him.

Jake comes in all beat up and Al asks him what happened.  Jake tells him it was OBanion’s man and he made fun of him.  Jake does not like it that people make fun of how he smells.  Al leaves.

Margaret is giving out papers about her new clinic in the streets.  Margaret walks up to a women and finds out it is the women who lost her baby and she gives her a paper about her new clinic.  Margaret asks the women to come to the clinic.  Her husband comes out and tells Margaret when his wife is up and about they will try for another baby.

Lucky comes to see Joe Masseria.  Lucky is reluctant to sit down but Joe assures him it will be okay.  Joe tells him this is his territory.  Joe is upset because he does not get a cut of the heroin that Lucky is selling.  Lucky offers to give him 2 % of the territory.  Joe wants 2 % of the whole business.  Lucky is freaked out he is sitting in front of the window and he worries someone is going to shoot him.  Lucky offers him 3%, Joe wants 30% of the territory.  Lucky tells him he will discuss with his partners.  Joe tells him Lansky and Rothstein will betray him.

Rothstein calls Mickey and tells him he wants his liquor and he is not pleased he cannot reach Nucky.  He tells Mickey he wants his liquor, he wants it now and he never wants to speak to Mickey again.  Mickey reassures him he will have it tomorrow.  Eli tells him he is an idiot, Nucky forbid them to use the Tabor Heights route.  Eli tries again to convince Mickey not to go through Tabor Heights.

Al is at the bar where Jake was beat up.  OBanion’s man comes in and Al beats him to death.  He says to the crowd, “You wanna pick on people who cannot defend themselves.” Then he drops money on the ground and says, “Pay for his funeral!”

The men leave the house where Nucky, Owen and Roland were hiding.  Roland offers to cook everyone breakfast.  Nucky hopes they left a bottle upstairs.

Things are not looking good at Tabor Heights.  All Gyp’s men are at the pumps and the officers come but rather than do anything, they shake Gyp’s hand.  Eli is watching and hears them say they are going to block the roads.  Eli realizes it is an ambush.

Owen tells Nucky that Rothstein’s shipment is going through Tabor Heights because it is clear now.  Roland asks Nucky if he could come and work for him.  He tells Nucky he could put him behind the wheel with a box of shotgun shells and no one would rob him.  Roland tells them he knows the best place to hide stash and the best roads.  Roland tells Nucky Waxy Gordon is not as smart as him and Nucky could steal as much alcohol as he wanted.

Nucky asks him how old he is really and Roland replies, 19.  Nucky picks up his gun and shoots Roland in the head as Mr. Kessler drives up.  Owen thought Nucky was going let him go, and Nucky tells him he misunderstood.

Eli is waiting in the middle of the road as the trucks going through Tabor Heights come through.  Eli screams it is an ambush but the trucks don’t listen and they keep going.  Eli runs to his truck but his truck stalls.  Eli hears gunshots in the distance.

Nucky’s men were ambushed, they steal the liquor and the money from the dead men.

Al goes to his sons room and he is sleeping, he wakes him and he shows his son a ukelele and starts to play and sing to him.

Nucky is walking on the Boardwalk and he sees Eli, he asks to talk to Nucky.  Nucky tells him he has heard all he wants from him but Eli insists he is going to have to hear this.  Eli and Nucky walk.

Margaret is reading the news paper and she sees the women aviator crashed.

The End!