Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere Recap 9/16/12

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere Recap 9/16/12

Finally after a long wait, my favorite show Boardwalk Empire returns tonight to HBO with the premiere of the third season.  Tonight’s show is going to pick up one year after we last saw Nucky and it is New Years Eve and the episode is called ‘Resolution.’  If you missed last seasons finale you can can read our full and detailed recap here!

Spoiler alert: If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like spoilers, stop reading now! We have some juicy spoilers for you about the season 3 episode 1 premiere of HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire.”

This season Nucky is living with having killed Jimmy and the aftermath of his actions.  Nucky was always just a little bit better than the other gangsters, but now that he has pulled the trigger, he is a more serious one.  Hence the tagline “You cannot be half a gangster” we have seen many times at the end of previews for this new season.  We are going to see a different Nucky a more dangerous and a more vicious one, you can get harder but you cannot softer.

Official HBO synopsis of Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere: While hosting a New Year’s Eve party for 1922-23, Nucky makes a resolution that does not sit well with Gyp Rosetti, a touchy gangster with a thirst for bootleg whiskey. Margaret looks to build on the Thompson endowment at St. Theresa’s Hospital, to her husband’s displeasure. In the absence of Jimmy and the Commodore, Gillian builds a new business while monitoring Richard’s mentoring of her “son,” Tommy. In Chicago, Al Capone is rankled by Irish mobster Dean O’Banion, and Van Alden stumbles onto a confrontation that could change his career path.

On tonight’s show Al Capone heads into a flower shop, the perfect setting for a sketchy gangsta meet-and-greet, right?  The owner behind the desk says to Al, “I thought Torrio had you on a leash?”  Al responds, “Well, he left town and I chewed through it.” Al proceeds to drop some flowers and plants and the clerk is not pleased. There’s a lot of tension and conflict in this scene and the clerk has some muscle of his own that comes into the store.  The clerk, Danny, goes on to threaten Al – I don’t think that was a smart move on Danny’s part and I am sure he has not seen the end of Al Capone.

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere Recap 9/16/12

HBO has to find a way to replace Jimmy (Michael Pitt) and tonight we meet Gyp Rosetti (Bobby Cannavale’).  Gyp comes into the party carry a dog scruffy,  but don’t let that fool you he doesn’t seem like the warm and cuddly type.  Nucky introduces him around and when Gyp gets interrupted he looks less that pleased.  Then Nucky pinches him on the cheek and tells him to relax in front of Lucky Luciano, Lansky, Rothstein and George Remus.  Rumor has it Gyp will become the new gangster to challenge Nucky.


Come back to this spot tonight and join CDL as we watch Boardwalk Empire Episode 1 and enjoy the shows stellar cast, which consists of Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Vincent Piazza, and others.

Tonight’s episode is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire season 3 premiere – tonight at 9PM EST!  While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the premiere and what would you like to see this season?

Tonight’s recap: Tonight’s show opens on the beach Gyp Rosetti is waiting for someone to fix his car and they are not having much luck because the lugs are rusted.  A man stops to let his dog out and offers to help he has some 3 in on that may fix it  Gyp asks what it is and he answers Gyp, “Oil what else.”  Gyp is upset about his answer.  The man puts the oil on the lugs and then leaves with his dog Regina.  Gyp goes behind him and beats  him to death, seems Gyp was not happy about his comment.

Owen is with Nucky and Mickey Doyle they have a man tied up in the room, Nate, who is a thief.  It seems Mickey Doyle left his warehouse filled with booze to go to the bathroom and Nate and an accomplice stole from the warehouse.   Nucky tells Nate he is not mad at him he wants to know who the wheel man was and Nate gives him up and then turns around and tells his boy to put a bullet in Nate’s head.

Margaret’s son Teddy is bragging because Nucky, his Daddy said he can stay up tonight because it is New Years Eve.  Margaret tells the children she has a meeting and leaves the children with their tutor.

Gillian Darmody is at the club and she is telling the girls that tonight men will be drinking a lot and although they will try to get them to drink they should not partake.

In Chicago, Johnny Torrio and Al Capone are playing cards and Dean comes in.  It seems Dean is encroaching with his liquor.  Al Capone tells him he has to respect the boundaries.  He gets pretty rude to Al and asks him if he has mozzarella in his ears.  Dean gives them an explanation and Al is not buying it, Dean gets up and leaves.  He makes a comment to Al as he leaves, “Say hello to your boy” and Al is furious and goes after him.

Nucky is meeting with Harry and asks if they will be at his party that night.  Nucky tells Harry he is not taking him down.  Harry tells Nucky he lives in a glass house, he has his troubles too.  Harry tells Nucky in the future he will not be accepting cash directly.

Margaret is on a tour of the hospital and the wing which she and Nucky built.  While they are viewing it a women walks in asking for help and blood is pouring from her.  They take her on a stretcher as Margaret gasps.

Agent Nelson Van Alden knocks on a door, inside the house a man is pouring alcohol down the sink.  When he answers the door Van Alden pretends he is someone else and he is there to demo a product to the lady of the house.

At the fair Richard Harrow is with Jimmy’s son and he is winning him prizes.  Richard soon finds out that the boy is now calling Gillian his mother.

Margaret is still at the hospital and she goes to see the doctor.  She asks how the women who was there earlier.  He tells her she miscarried, but it could have been prevented if they provided just the basic prenatal care.  Margaret asks what he expects her to do and he replies nothing.

At the liquor Nucky and Owen comes to see Manny Horvitz and they tell him where Rollin Smith is the wheel man who stole from their warehouse.  Owen tells Mandy to make an example of Rollin.  Mandy does not want to but Nucky reminds him what he did for him.  Manny agrees to do it but he wants Mickey Doyle gone if he does.

Agent Van Alden comes into a building and there is a  mirror and he repeats to himself, “Everyday in every way I am getting better and better.”  He knocks on another door (he is a door too door salesman now) and the women slams it in his face.

Over at Nucky’s party they are having an Egyptian theme party.  Teddy is standing on the stairs and Nucky tells her to let him come down for a bit.

Eddie comes in with Lillian Kent (Billie) and Nucky introduces Teddy to them.

Richard Harrow is showing Jimmy’s son, Tommy,  a drawing that his mother did.  He tells Richard that he wants to draw a picture, Richard gives him a pencil and he sits down to draw.  Richard asks what he is drawing and he tells him, a horse.  Richard tells the boy that his mother once drew him.

The boy tells Gillian that he is drawing a picture like his mother and Gillian tells him she is his mother now and he should come with her.

Al Capone walks into a flower shop and the owner Danny asks him what he is doing.  Al drops over some plants and in walks Van Alden.  Danny tells Al if he does anything else he will get a taste of what Van Alden has in his case.  Of course Danny is just pretending and Van Alden has nothing in his case.  Al Capone leaves.  Danny tells Van Alden he has made a friend.  Can Alden tells him he is a iron seller and Danny tells him he will buy 2 dozen.  Van Alden is thrilled.

At Nucky’s party Eddie is singing with Billie and Billie is doing a lot of bumping and grinding and Nucky has a glint in his eye.  hmm wonder if he is going to hook up with Billie.

In the party walks Gyp with a dog.  He tells Nucky that he spent the last 8 hours cleaning grease from his hands.  Nucky introduces Gyp to George Remus.  Gyp is pleased to see him and starts talking about alcohol but Eddie interrupts he is wanted and Gyp is not pleased.  Nucky tells him to cam himself and pinches his cheeks and leaves.

Van Alden walks into the office and he thinks that he won a contest that the electric company was having.  The boss tells Van Alden that the deadline for the contest was 9PM.  Van Alden was sure it was 10Pm and Van Alden is upset.

Back at the party Owen comes to tell Margaret that the bar is out of champagne and tries to engage in a conversation with her but she avoids him.  Everyone is congratulating Margaret on her party and one of the men from the hospital that day speaks to her.

She tells the man that a doctor spoke to her at the hospital and told her that the situation could have been prevented.  The man is not pleased at all and wants to know which doctor.  Margaret claims she does not know.

In walks men carrying a chest and in the chest are presents for all.  Bracelets with real diamonds, coins etc.  Everyone runs to get it.

Gillian comes to speak to Richard, she asks if he likes living there?  She tells him she would appreciate if he stop filling Tommy’s head about the past because it is too painful for him.

Nucky, Gyp, Remus, Luciano and the rest of the gangsters are meeting.  Gyp wants to buy alcohol.  Nucky tells him that in the future he will be selling exclusively to Arnold Rothstein.  Gyp is not pleased because Rothstein will charge him a 50% markup.  Gyp insults everyone and tells them off.  He calls Nucky, “A breakstick in a bowtie.”

Gyp threatens Nucky and Nucky tells him he is making his decision very easy.  Gyp then says, “No one here can take a joke!” and stomps out.

It is New Years and everyone is celebrating 1923 as Gyp leaves he sees Margaret and hands her the dog and tells her he is for her kids as Nucky looks on.

Manny is with his wife and they are toasting New Years Eve with champagne.  She goes to get ready for bed and Many gets his loaded gun.

Van Alden comes home with a bouquet of flowers.  The nurse is there with the baby and Van Alden thought that the baby was sleeping through the night.  It looks like Van Alden has another son.  He tells her he lost and she tells him this year they will be more lucky.

He gives her the flowers.

Everyone has left  Nucky and Margaret’s party.  Nucky tells Margaret off he is not pleased about her speaking to the hospital about the women that miscarried and how the hospital could have prevented it.  He leaves.

Manny opens his door to leave and Richard Harrow is there with a shotgun and shoots Manny in the face.  His wife screams and Richard leaves.

Margaret wakes up from her sleep and picks up the newspaper with the story of the first women who will fly a plane.

Nucky gets home and pour himself a drink.  He puts a gun into his drawer.  He walks into a bedroom and Miss Kent (Billie) is there with no top on.  She asks if Nucky enjoyed himself at the party.  He leans down to kiss her.  He tells her, her lap is the only place he can rest his head.  She tells him he is not resting yet and they start to make love.

Margaret is out on the beach to see the plane with the first women flying go buy.  There are many people there watching and waving.  Margaret looks on in wonder.

The End!

That’s it for tonight!  What did you think?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!