Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Sexual Assault Victim – Man Arrested!

Breaking News: Lindsay Lohan Sexual Assault Victim - Man Arrested!

Lindsay Lohan brought a man she met in a bar back to her hotel room and was subsequently assaulted. Law enforcement officials report that Lindsay told them she got into a physical fight with a 25-year-old man, Christian LaBella of California, she had schlepped back to her hotel room after picking him up at 1 Oak in the Chelsea district of New York City.

Lindsay claims her pick-up took pictures of Lohan on his cell phone while they were in her 15th floor room at the W Hotel near Union Square.  Allegedly some of Lohan’s friends were there as well.  Was an orgy on the cards before the dude lost his cool?

A report indicates that LaBella threw Lindsay on the bed and later climbed on top of her while she was on the ground.  Sounds like sexual assault to me.

Lohan told detectives that at around 4:30 a.m. she saw photos of her on LaBella’s phone, confronted him about the them and took his phone. LaBella then threw her on the bed causing scratches on her hands, police sources said.

Lohan ran out of the room and down the stairs of the hotel, but at some point decided to head back upstairs to her room.  When LaBella saw her again, Lohan told police he attacked her, choking her, throwing her to the ground, and climbing on top of her.”

TMZ reports: Lindsay Lohan called the police early this morning after she claims she was assaulted in her New York City hotel room by a man she had just met … sources close to LiLO tell TMZ.

According to our sources, Lohan told police she met the man at 1 Oak, a nightclub in Chelsea. Lohan said the two got into an argument later on in her hotel room after Lindsay noticed the man had taken photos of her on his phone.

A few of Lindsay’s friends were in the room at the time the photos were taken.

Our sources say Lindsay told police she confronted the man about the pics and he threw her on the bed causing scratches on her hands. We’re told Lindsay ran out of the room, but returned later. When she did, Lohan claims the man attacked her, choked her, threw her to the ground, and climbed on top of her. 

According to our sources, a friend of hers was able to pull the man off her. Lohan claims she pulled the fire alarm to signal for help and cops were able to arrive in time to arrest the man.

Law enforcement sources in NY tell TMZ the man was idenitifed as Christian LaBella. He was arrested on 2 misdemeanor counts of assault and 2 charges of harassment.

It’s amazing how these things just keep happening to Lindsay.  Why do you think that is – let us know in the comments.  One thing we can be certain of – none of this was Lindsay’s fault!

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