Bryce Chandler Hill Not Joe Simpson’s Only Boyfriend – Golf Date Ruined Due To Gay Rumors

Bryce Chandler Hill Not Joe Simpson’s Only Boyfriend - Golf Date Ruined Due To Gay Rumors

Joe Simpson, the scandal stricken father of Jessica Simpson, canceled his weekly golf date with his young male buddy on Saturday, and instead opted to play a round with a middle aged friend. Joe’s recent gay rumors were lit by Bryce Chandler Hill, a 21-year-old aspiring actor who bragged about dating the 54-year-old spotlight father of Ashlee and Jessica. A close friend of Hill revealed to RadarOnline, “Joe Simpson being outed by the National Enquirer was no surprise to the gay community in Hollywood, Bryce has been bragging about hooking up with Joe for a while now.” Yikes.

According to a source at the MountainGate golf club, “Joe has always played golf at his swanky club MountainGate on Saturdays at 12:30 p.m. with a much younger, 20-something male, who isn’t a member. Joe’s golfing buddy is extremely good looking and Joe is very, very secretive about his identity. Joe never writes the guest’s name on the sign-in sheet and never allows any other members to join in while they play golf, which is very, very odd. Interestingly, this past Saturday, Joe allowed two other guys to join him and his older friend on the course, which usually is a total no-no with his young buddy.” The source also revealed, “No one at the country club is impressed with Joe Simpson, he acts like an arrogant jerk. Everyone noticed that after reports surfaced that Joe was gay, he didn’t play with his regular young, good looking friend this past Saturday, but played with someone much, much older.

Okay, wait up a second; let’s add our own two cents to the mix. Why didn’t Joe come out about this earlier? Why all of the secrecy? He’s the father of one of the most famous music/reality television/tabloid stars in the world, obviously certain fame whores would construct their own 15 minutes of fame by using him for their own careers. This tragic story left the starting line of fame whoring and is currently resting in the pit of slick manipulation.

According to sources close to Hill, “Bryce is close to TJ Espinoza, who in turn is good friends with both Jessica and Ashlee and worked for Britney Spears as a back-up dancer. TJ introduced Bryce to the Simpsons, and that’s how he met Joe. Bryce claims he’s been dating Joe for roughly a year and absolutely loves to boast about it because he loves being the center of attention. He’s also been quick to tell anyone that will listen that he’s using Joe to climb the showbiz ladder.” See what we meant?

However, Joe’s golfing partner is not Hill, it’s someone completely different. According to the insider at the golf club, “Joe’s friend looks like a rugged, wanna-be skinny actor. He looks very out of place at the country club and you feel bad for the dude because he looks like he is just totally uncomfortable being out on the greens. Tina and her daughters, Jessica and Ashlee were never at the country club, ever. Joe is always there with the same guy, but he is never at MointainGate with his family. He seems like a very, very lonely person.

A gloomy story indeed, but nonetheless significant. What do you think? Do you think Joe should be left alone to carry on with his life? Should his sexuality be this important? Or is the issue not his sexuality, but his years of deceit?  It seems that Joe was leading a double life – and this just doesn’t earn a load of respect. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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